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About us

As you might expect, the MINTZ family DNA project welcomes anyone with the MINTZ surname.

The genesis of the project was an interest in exploring the family of Yerachmiel (Robert) MINTZ who arrived in New York City in 1870. Yerachmiel's father was Zeev (Wolf) MINTZ. Many members of the family lived in the area of Delancey St., Manhattan in the late 1800s and Throop Ave./Polaski St. Brooklyn during the early 1900s. Family members are listed in census records as having been born in Austria, but most probably were from Galicia.

The family of Isaac MINTZ (Yerachmiel's youngest child) is well documented, and now numbers around 150 people. Contact this project's moderator for further information if you are a member of that branch of the family.

There are several other branches of the MINTZ family which are well documented, including one listed in the publication "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family". We hope this study will one day determine connections between these larger groups. Perhaps you can provide the link!