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About us

This project is sponsored by Middlesex Genealogical Society for members who have had Y-chromosome DNA tested at FTDNA for themselves and family members. The goal of the project is to share DNA information with other members, help members understand their testing results, and suggest avenues for further testing. Anyone who has DNA that matches the DNA of project members may join the project as well.The Middlesex Genealogical Society is located in the town of Darien, which is in Fairfield County, Connecticut, not far from New York City. Membership is open to all interested in family research, regardless of where they live. The Middlesex Genealogical Society was established in 1982 for the purpose of encouraging those interested in researching their family history and to provide guidance to that end. The Society does not limit its focus to Darien or Fairfield County. It provides assistance for all researchers, wherever their ancestry leads.