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About us

Goals of the Merry Surname DNA Project

The project has several aims:

  • To identify the yDNA profiles of the families (sub-groups, clans, tribes) with the surname Merry and variants.
  • To establish DNA links among the families, if they exist.  The surname is expected to be of a number of distinct origins.
  • To help locate the geographic origins of the surname.  Many 'new world' families do not know the (European) origins of their families. This will require the ''targetting' of males with known geographic associations.

Hopefully the above is clear. 

By way of example, based on 67 STR markers my yDNA shows no close relationship with any other on the existing yDNA databases (except for my 5th cousin in the USA who was identical to me for our common 45 markers tested).  Through having deep clade (SNP) testing I know that I belong to a sub-group of the R-L21+ haplogroup (with downstream R-Z253 and R-CTS1202 (L1066), and some (so far) unique mutations (L894 and L895)).  My Merry ancestors lived in the Eynsham-Freeland-Hanborough area of Oxfordshire for many centuries, and probably in Blockley, Gloucestershire, before about 1555.  My yDNA profile should make it very easy to identify my Merry relatives - but am I related to the Merrys of other parts of Britain or France?  If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, or other parts of the world, where did your Merry surname originate.  DNA testing may be the only way you will find out.