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About us

Our various Melungeon DNA projects may interest you.  They show relationships with the participants who have tested and joined our projects, as well as others.  Studying the deep ancestry of the Melungeons and their ancestors to determine their origins in interesting as well.   Our Melungeon Project has a DNA adviser, Roberta Estes.   Roberta has family roots in the area,  she has an understanding of the culture and problems with researching these families,  plus her knowledge of DNA and how it works helps keep us from going astray with our Melungeon Project. 

The goal of this project is to use DNA to better understand the origins of the Melungeon people, and this will be done by comparing the DNA with other project members, those outside of projects, and will incorporate relevant genealogical and historical research.  All participants will be included in the ongoing studies and by joining the project, you are giving consent for your information to be anonymously included in ongoing genetic genealogy research.  Your personal identity will not be revealed, but your results will be used to better understand the Melungeons as a people and their ancestors.

Roberta Estes has written two articles about the Melungeon DNA project for the Melungeon Historical Society newsletter.  The articles, titled, "DNA Testing and the Melungeons - 2008" and "Melungeons and DNA - 2009" can be viewed at the two following links, respectively:

Melungeon research is a search for the truth and sometimes the truth is not what we expect, but wherever this research path leads, share it with us and come along on this journey.