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Earlier genealogies claim Alexander McQueen died c1781 Culpeper County, Virginia; Dugal died c1746 Baltimore County, Maryland and Hector McQueen of Maryland were brothers and Jacobite rebels banished to the .  Y-DNA analysis has proven there is NO paternal genetic relationship between Alexander and Dugal. They may have been brothers in the "clan" sense but they did not have the same father or direct paternal ancestor.

The John McQueen/McQuinn 1761-1855 of Estill County, Kentucky is NOT a paternal descendant of Dugal McQueen died c1746 Maryland.  Descendants of this John share a similar Y-DNA signature with descendants of Samuel McQueen c1750-c1794 of North Carolina and Tennessee.  The relationship and parentage between John and Samuel have not been determined. 

We have now identified two distinct McQueen groups from New York and Pennsylvania.  

Many representatives from several North Carolina families have been tested, but results have been inconclusive to date.

Several of the McQueen families claim descent from a John McQueen who immigrated to the United States about 1685.  To date, little,  if any,  proof has been given to support this claim.  

The same situation exists concerning the Chieftain connection, only Y-DNA has supported a relationship between the Chieftain's family and the descendants of Alexander of Virginia and Daniel of South Carolina.

There is still the debate many Queen families are descendants of Timothy McQueen who died about 1725 in Prince Georges County, Maryland. There has been no Y-DNA matching results between any McQueen or Queen participants.  Further research is needed to support the claim.

Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 16:54:42 -0500

I thought I would send out some simple preliminary facts about the DNA

There is a greater than 90% DNA match for the descendants of the following
"Earliest Proven Ancestors". These representatives have an I1a haplogroup.

Alexander McQueen (bef 1707-c1780) of Spotsylvania and Culpeper Counties, VA
Charles McQuinn (c1740-c1796) VA and Wilkes County, NC
Daniel McQueen (bef 1731-bef 1790) Georgetown and Horry Districts, SC
Charles McQuinn (c1835-1906) Baltimore County, MD
Samuel McQueen (c1762-1819) Culpeper County, VA

There is a less than 70% DNA match with the above group and the following
"Earliest Proven Ancestors".

Dugal McQueen d 1746 Baltimore County, MD (haplogroup R1b)
John McQueen (1761-1855) Estill County, KY (haplogroup R1b)
Robert McQueen (c1779-c1853) Crawford County, PA (haplogroup I1c)
Peter McQueen (c1793-c1837)Onondaga County, NY (haplogroup R1b)

Preliminary results show no correlation between Dugal of MD, John of KY,
Robert of PA, Peter of NY or Alexander of VA (all listed). Each represent a
unique genetic lineage profile.

Please let me know your thoughts.