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McDuff McDuffy McDuffie
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About us

The original McDuffie surname project was founded by Roderick McDuff in 2004. The objectives are:
1) To determine the degree of relatedness among those with surnames of the great McDuffie diaspora and establish links with the ancestral homeland.  
2) To establish how closely associated surnames are linked.
3) To assist with paper genealogical research in breaking through “brick walls.”
4) To determine which McDuffs were McDuffies.

Y-DNA testing has had many major advances since the McDuffie surname project was started back in 2004. What were once very expensive low resolution tests have now become very advanced and increasingly affordable.
All current or new project members are encouraged to upgrade their existing Y-DNA tests to 67 or 111 STR markers, and should also consider SNP testing either through the BigY test, or SNP backbone packs.
Please consult the project administrator Linda McKee or co-project administrator Greg Wick for more information.