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January 2010 - We have a fifth genetically distinct McGrew line. This is the line of Patrick McGrew who founded the Preston CO, WV McGrew line. Preliminary analysis suggests this line is NW Irish like Robert and Thomas (probably haplogroup R1b1b2a1b5b) but with genetic distances of 11/37 and 5/25 from those lines respectively. Patrick's line may be slightly closer to Thomas' but still in the Probably Not Related category.

October 2009 - We now have another genealogically distinct McGrew line. Two known descendants of Andrew McGrew/Megrue match 25/25 with addititonal 12 markers due soon. This line is Haplogroup R1a, usually defined as Norse Viking for an individual whose family originated in the British Isles.

May 2009 - The results for the member descended from John McGrew (see previous post) match those in Alexander MacGruar/McGrew's line.

A member in the MacGruar line had a DNA sample tested at Ethnoancestry that identified the sample as having Pretani origins. The Pretani were the original immigrants of what is now Scotland. They are the precursors to the Picts.

April 2009- The Project has a new member descended from John McGrew (father of John Flood McGrew) who may be the son of Alexander MacGruar. His results should be available in late May. Project results have been reorganized into subgroups for a better understanding of the different McGrew/MacGruar lines that have been identified.

February 2009 - Results for the Member descended through Robert's son Finley are consistent with other results for Robert's descendants.
A Project member (kit 61737) had a Deep Clade R test run through Family Tree. This test determines a haplogroup unambiguously. His haplogroup was shown to be R1b1b2a1b5 which is the new name for the R1b1c7 group. This confirms that Robert's descendants are members of the North West Irish haplogroup as predicted 2 years ago.
Our newest Project member is a known descendant of Thomas McGrew. When his results are returned in about 2 months we should know if our 4 descendants of John Lewis and William VanBuren are descended from Thomas.

Jan 2009 - We now have 4 known descendants of Robert in the Project. Three are descended though his son James and one through William. We should receive results in February for a descendant of son Finley. We hope to have one or more known descendants of Thomas McGrew join the Project soon. Four of our current members are thought to be descendants of Thomas. We also now have 3 descendants of Alexander MacGruar/McGrew in the Project.