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About us

McGinnis from No. Ireland (Ulster)who settled in America (and spelling variations). This project was started by testing two men whose ancestors came from Ulster to Eastern Pennsylvania before the Revolutionary War. They were in the same PA county and neighboring counties during and after the war. One was reported as coming from “near Londonderry” and the other from Tyrone. The results are identical on the first 12 markers, hence the ancestors were probably related. Research in the 1700s is difficult and our goal is to locate where they came from and how far back do we have to go to find the common ancester. The hope is to locate other McGinnis families who may have come from Ireland or Scotland. There are McGinnis (spelling variations) site’s in County Down that can be seen today that are medieval ruins, such as Dundrum Castle first built in 1177. The Maginnis family seized Dundrum in the late fourteenth century. It would be fun if we can make the connection to this early Maginnis family from Iveagh.

Any McGinnis is welcome to join in our pursuit of our ancestors