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On the behalf of the McCurdy (McKirdy) Surname Project - A big Welcome to you ! . If you already have a FamilyTreeDNA Test ( Y DNA , Mt DNA and or FamilyFinder the Autosomal DNA), please locate and click on the JOIN request button, and I will reply with an acceptance email. To join the McCurdy group WITHOUT an existing Family Tree DNA test, please read the following recommendations: 1) Males with the McCurdy or various spelled similar surname--please sign up for the YDNA-37 test at FamilyTreeDNA. If possible sign up with the YDNA-67 test as this level is twice the size and more confidence in matching with other members already present in the McCurdy Project. 2) Females who have McCurdy and likewise surnames in their ancestral pedigree, if possible have a male McCurdy in your close family line take the YDNA test as mentioned above in (1) . 3) Males with a non McCurdy surname yet believe that there is a possibility that McCurdy is their direct Paternal ancestors Surname at one time in the past or has a modern day change in spelling can take the Y DNA test to see if they link into one of the Y DNA Haplogroups already in the membership tree. Again it is recommend to at least start with the Y DNA 37 and if possible Y DNA 67 test. However please note that at anytime it is very easy to sign in and request an upgrade to your stored DNA test to a higher level at a later date. Please see the FamilyTreeDNA website for further information and pricing. The Direct Male line is known as Paternal is the Fathers Fathers Fathers lineage. 4) Both Males and Females who have a direct McCurdy Maternal family line, using the Mt DNA test, again another yet different Haplogroup, is known as the Mothers Mothers Mothers lineage. 5) Or participate through the FamilyTreeDNA Autosomal DNA test referred to as the Family Finder test. While results will not be as definitive as the Y DNA, or Mt DNA, the Cousins Matching List may be helpful in determining whether you are related to the various McCurdy surnames found in the Y DNA group and closely related or associated Families. Please email me if you have any questions please contact me through the in house FamilyTreeDNA McCurdy Project message system or by a dedicated direct email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Look forward to helping, Shirley Monkhouse, McCurdy Project Administrator.