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BigY Y-DNA Update for Haplogroup R1a McCullochs (5 November 2022)

Family Tree DNA recently released a new set of Discover tools for BigY test results. The Discover tools are publicly available for anyone with a Y-DNA haplogroup. The Discover pages are currently being updated weekly as new BigY results arrive. New features are being added to the tool.

Links to the Discover tool's Time Tree and Scientific Details pages have been added to the McCullough DNA Project's Results page for the R1a McCulloch group of Y-DNA matches. See the Haplogroup R1a1a Lineages section of the page.  See also below.

BigY-700 testing has separated the R1a McCulloch family into two distinct branches of the family using BigY Y-DNA SNPs (DNA changes). The two branches match each other using the 111 STR markers and cannot be separated using just the 111 STR markers.  With BigY-700 testing the two branches of the early McCulloch family can be identified. Both branches belong to haplogroup R-BY32010.

The two McCulloch branches are believed to be descended from Sir Thomas McCulloch of Myrton, Galloway, Scotland: one branch (Group 1a) through son Archibald McCulloch of Ardwell (killed c Jan 1499/1500) and the other branch (Group 1b) through son Norman McCulloch of Myrton (bc 1390 - dc 1482). Matches in Group 1c are matches who have not upgraded to the BigY test and cannot be placed in either branch or a new branch. The three groups of Y-DNA STR marker results can be viewed on the McCollough DNA Results Colorized Chart. See the three Haplogroup R1a1a groupings on the chart.

Family Tree DNA's new Time Tree showing haplogroup branching for the McCulloch R1a1a family belonging to haplogroup R-BY32010 can be found here:

Family Tree DNA currently estimates the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for the shared haplogroup R-BY32010 was born about 1187 CE within the range of years 860-1436 CE with a 95% confidence interval.
("Scientific Details," for R-BY32010, Family Tree DNA Discover, : accessed 5 November 2022)

Haplogroup R-BY32010 Scientific Details (5 November 2022):