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About us

1) ALL JOIN REQUESTS SHOULD INCLUDE YOUR Mayflower Society (GSMD) MEMBER NUMBER; otherwise provide a sourced/documented pedigree to the Administrator to join the project 2) Make sure you grant LIMITED access to administrators in your project settings 3) Make sure to Opt in to share your DNA results Welcome to the YDNA and mtDNA Project of the Society of Mayflower Descendants. The Y-DNA Project includes many surnames, all of which are direct descendants of the men who arrived in Plymouth, MA aboard the ship named the Mayflower. Going forward, acceptance to the group will require a 67 marker test or higher, membership in GSMD, or a match to a GSMD member. Family Finder matches are also accepted. The YDNA test results from proven descendants will be matched with YDNA tests from other proposed descendants & may include descendants from the UK. The MtDNA Project is an all female lineage of one of the daughters of a proven male or female Mayflower descendant. This project hopes to identify the MtDNA Haplogroup of the mothers of these descendants. This may help to establish parentage & place of origin in some lineages of women in these lines who have no paper records connecting their birth family with their marriage and children.