Maver / Mavor

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About us

The purpose of this project is to find out how closely related the various Maver, Mavor, Mawer, etc. families from Scotland are. Families with a surname of Maver (or variants) from outside of Scotland are less likely to be related, but encouraged to join this project to see if there could be some degree of relationship after all. Our primary goal now is to establish a Y-chromosome 'fingerprint' for the Maver/Mavor surname. To accomplish this, we need male Mavers, Mavors, and Mawers from as many branches of the family tree as possible to order a Y-37 or Y-67 test from Family Tree DNA. We have had several Mavers receive Y-SNP testing. So far, all Mavers have found to be in the R-L21 haplogroup. We've so far been able to confirm two distinct branches in Scotland: one from Aberdeenshire and another from Renfrewshire.