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About us

Welcome to the MacKinnon / McKinnon DNA project website. This project is very young; formed early 2010 with the aim of promoting genetic genealogy; to establish connections between MacKinnon families in all corners of the world.
DNA testing has provided a new tool to family historians. When we have reached the limits of documentary evidence in our research, genetic genealogy provides a tool for us prove or disprove theories about our family histories which would otherwise remain only theories. As our project matures and connections are made, genetic signatures will develop which will provide clues as to where, on our family trees, we might share common ancestry with other MacKinnons; clues as to what migration path our MacKinnon ancestors followed; clues as to where in the traditional territories of Clan MacKinnon our ancestors may have come from.
Tradition says that Clan MacKinnon is descended from Fingon, whose ancestor King Alpin, king of Scots who lived in the ninth century. Clan MacQuarrie is reputed to have descended from Fingon's brother, Guaire. Other clans which belong to the Siol Alpin, clans descended from King Alpin, are Clan Gregor, Grant, MacNab, MacAuley and MacFie.
As more MacKinnons are tested we will be able to determine if it all MacKinnons could descend from one man. If so, does the scientifically determined time period of the life of that common ancestor match the time when the tradition originator of Clan MacKinnon, Fingon, lived. As it is determined if the other clans of Siol Alpin were descended from one man and the genetic signature of that man is found, these can be compared to determine if science supports the traditional ancient genealogy of MacKinnon.
Y DNA is passed from father to son with no contribution from female ancestors; and is not passed on to females. Only males can supply the sample for Y DNA testing; the sample is gathered by rubbing test swabs on the inside of the cheek. A female must find a male relative of her paternal line to supply the sample if she is interested in testing her Y DNA line.
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