Lobban DNA Project

Study of the Scottish names Lobban and Loban
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About us

The scope of this project is all people of Scots heritage with the name or with ancestors named Lobban or Loban who have tested or are testing Y-DNA. We include all people with those names and heritage (regardless of Y-DNA genetics), including those who acquired the name through any kind of adoption, and also those whose Y-DNA line goes back to Lobban or Loban, regardless of current name. This includes everyone whose Y-DNA haplogoup is R-JFS0275. There are at least two Logan lines and a Laban line. In genetic genealogy parlance, we include the descendants of both incoming and outgoing nonpaternity events (NPEs). We do not include descendants of Jamaican slaves who acquired the name from their master, and we do not include Lobans of Russian or Indonesian origin. Most Logans and Labans also have different origins. For an explanation of this specific scope and much more information on the family, please visit the Lobban One-Name Study website. If your Y-DNA haplogroup is within R-JFS0275 we recommend you also join the R-U198 project. We are still working to acquire samples from the Highland Loban/Logan branch. The latest version of the All Lobbans deep tree diagram can be seen in the Photos tab, under March 2020.