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Eight Lincolns came to America in the 1630s from England, mostly from the Hingham, England area, to Hingham, MA. They are: Daniel the husbandman, Thomas the weaver and Samuel the weaver (Abraham's ancestor) Lincoln, who were all brothers; Thomas the cooper, Thomas the husbandman, his brother Stephen Lincoln, Thomas the miller and Sgt. Daniel Lincoln. Daniel the husbandman and Thomas the weaver had no children; the other 6 Lincolns are the progenitors of nearly all Lincolns in America. I am tracing as many Lincolns as I can and their lineage, by using Y-DNA testing.
NOTE:  Please do NOT join unless you are a male with the Lincoln surname, or have reason to believe that your Y-DNA results will match a Lincoln.  This project is not for mtDNA testing, but only for the paternal Lincoln lines.  At this point, 26 completely unconnected people have joined this project with no relation to Lincolns.  This only muddies the results.