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*DONE* - We are looking for male Leavitt volunteers from each of those five sons of John Leavitt of Hingham, MA who had descendants, as well as the line of Thomas Leavitt of Hampton, NH (including the early Leavitt family living in Scarborough, ME in mid 1700's).
- We are also looking for anyone else with a LEAVITT surname who may not be connected to the two major immigrant lines, and those with an unknown ancestry.
- We also welcome anyone with variations of this surname, such as Levet or Levit, and there surely are distant cousins living in England and elsewhere.
- Though the smaller 12-marker test is sufficient to show if any relationship between the different Leavitt lines existed, the more amounts of markers tested (preferably 37 or more) will be able to give us a more accurate time frame as to when a common ancestor between participants (if they indeed had one) lived.