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About us

Our project will use Y chromosome-DNA tests as another tool in our genealogical toolbox. Such results can give clues to common ancestry; these results can help verify or disprove findings & theories in our genealogy. While doing family research we often hit brick walls or encounter puzzles and solutions are elusive. We should use all the tools at our disposal. The immigrant KNARR-KNERR-KNORR families came to the United States at different times. We know that their European origins tend to cluster in Germany, the Alsace region or the German-speaking part of France, and Switzerland. Many families bearing our surnames remained behind in Europe. Sometimes we cannot locate the necessary documentation for birthdates, parentage and for establishing the desired linkages. Added clues are always desirable in our ancestral questing. Since sons inherit the Y-chromosome from their fathers, we invite any male with the Knarr, Knerr, Knorr or variant surname to join this comparative DNA project. The larger our database, the more valid and interesting our findings will be!