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The Study of Kilcrease & Associated Families Lines
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About us

Welcome to the Kilcrease/Gilcrease Family History Y-DNA atDNA Study. This volunteer investigative project is designed to use Y-DNA & atDNA patterns in tracing different Kilcrease (and related spelling) & their associated family lines back to their earliest detectable origins and to find and either prove or disprove relationships between and within these family lines. (The umbrella surname Kilcrease, as used on this website, typically includes related surnames such as Killcrease, Kilchrist, Gilcrease, Gilchrist, and so on.)

A NEW TESTER CAN IMMEDIATELY MATCH HIS OWN Y-DNA PROFILE AGAINST THE ESTABLISHED PROFILE DOWN FROM WILLIAM KILCREASE born in Wilkes County, Georgia about 1786. Moreover, he can establish his own distinct profile for future matches as we develop more tests on the Kilcrease lines in both America and Britain. An atDNA tester can begin using their results to "triangulate" matches with groups of individuals to help narrow down possible relations.  

The test kit for Kilcrease-surname males -- swabbing the inside of the cheek -- is easy and takes only a few minutes -- 3 swabs at 60 seconds each -- comes in the mail to your home -- no blood involved -- no medical information recorded or reported -- uses the leading testing company with the largest databank. Female Kilcrease descendants and male Kilcrease descendants not having the Kilcrease surname and the Kilcrease Y-chromosome are invited to participate by encouraging their Kilcrease-surname brothers, cousins or other relatives to submit a test.

OUR KILCREASE STUDY MAY BE ABLE TO SHARE THE TESTING COST FOR A KILCREASE LINE NOT PREVIOUSLY TESTED, or for special lines where a second test is being sought for verification. PLEASE INQUIRE IF THE COST-SHARING CONTRIBUTION IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR LINE. Anyone who wishes to help advance our investigation in the British Isles, America, Europe and elsewhere may do so by contributing to future key tests through the General Fund.

Most of all, you can learn a lot about your own Kilcrease family history, it's fascinating, and it's a barrel of fun. It's like aiming back through your own DNA and hitting a bulls-eye on your ancestors' markers 200-400-600 years ago. Or you can use your atDNA to narrow your down search groups to within the last 3rd & 4th cousin relationships.