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After FamilyTreeDNA has tested your Y-DNA sample results are assigned to haplogroups.   FamilyTreeDNA estimates a person's haplogroup based on the number or markers and SNP results. Your haplogroup is shown at your Home Page and gives both the haplogroup and its shorthand name.  Your own Matching Results are shown at your Home Page under Y-DNA matches.   Members are encouraged to contact people who have matches to learn who may be your common ancestor.  

   At the FamilyTree McCord Surname Public Web Site all kits have been grouped into subgroups depending on test results.   From these subgroups MDA (Most Distance Ancestors) Pedigrees are given from your known ancestors and some basic genealogical research.   Because of privacy concerns we can not show individual kit owners thus only kit numbers are shown.  



 Data from individuals and some personal research


1a1 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>A1775>BY41464>BY18173 Big Y confirmed Ayrshire, Scotland

Kit B213191 

1. Thomas Robert McCord b 1847 MS  d 1910 Crockett Co, TN

Family continued to live in Crockett Co, TN


Kit 320986 

1. Ambrose McCord b 1783 Washington Co, TN  d 1852 Lawrence Co, AL

2. James Halsey Allen McCord b 1809 TN  Lived Lawrence Co, AL  d 1895 Scott Co, AR


Kit B100037 

1. William Amos McCord b ?1850 ? Howell Co, MO ? d. bef 1900 

2. Rosser William McCord b 1891 Howell Co, MO  d 1923 Morrison Co, OK


Kit 44873 

1. William McCord b 1737 Lancaster Co, PA  d @ 1804 Fleming or Mason Co, KY

2. William Henry McCord b 1762 Franklin Co, PA   d 1834 Fleming Co, KY

3. Thomas Hunter McCord b 1814 KY  d 1890 Endicott, Jefferson Co, NB


Kit 46501 

1. Gilbert T. McCord b. 1820 NY d 1884 Easton, Ionia Co, MI

2. Joseph Harold McCord b.1850 OH d 1932 Easton, Ionia Co, MI


1a2 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>A1775>BY41464>BY18173>R-FT142545+ Ayrshire Scotland

Kit 893286 

1. John McCord Sr b 1758 NC  d 1805 (?) NC

2. James McCord b 1784 NC  d 1862 GA

3. Basil McCord b1810 Lincolnton, Lincoln Co, GA d 1877 Pontotoc Co, MS

Family stayed in Pontotoc Co, MS

Kit 1378 

1. Hawes Graves b 1782 Fayette Co, KY

2. Edward Pendleton Graves b 1832 Fayette Co, KY  d 1905 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN 


1a3 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>A1775>BY41464>BY411466+(additional Big Y  confirmation needed) Ayrshire, Scotland

Kit 909549 

1. Thomas McCord 1861 Ardeer Square, Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland m. Margaret McKinney

2. David McCord b 1865 Hurlford, Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Immigrated to Bristol. MA 1890

3. David McCord b 1898 Bristol, MA 1910 Living in Allegheny Co, PA

1861 Census of Scotland

Resided at 71 Ardeer Square, Stevenston, North Ayrshire

Thomas McCord, head, married, aged 37, collier, born Ireland

wife, married, aged 32, born Ireland

1865 Birth of David McCord

Born 29 May, 1865, Hurlford, Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland

Father Thomas McCord, coal miner

Mother Margaret McCord, M.S. McKinney

Married December 1851, Killymard, Donegal, Ireland


1a4 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>BY41164+ Colmonel, Aryshire, Scotland

Kit 902778 

1. John McCord b 1747 Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland  d 1837 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

2. Robert McCord b 1791 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY  d 1826/27 Greene Co, PA

3. James McCord b 1823 Greene Co, PA  d 1891 Daybrook, Monongalia Co, WV


1a5 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>A1775 (consider updating to Big Y or Y-111) Colmonel, Ayrshire, Scotland

Kit 42342 

1. John McCord b 1747 Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland d 1837 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

2. Thomas McCord b 1778 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY d 1859 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

3. Abraham McCord b 1814 Ulster Co, NY d 1895 Ulster Co, NY


Kit 30896 

1. John McCord b 1747 Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland d 1837 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

2. Robert McCord b 1791 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY d 1826/27 Greene Co, PA

3. James McCord b 1823 Greene Co, PA d 1891 Daybrook, Monongalia Co, WV


Kit 35167 

1. John or James McCord b 1763 Edinburg, Scotland  d 1841 Abbeville District, SC 

2. William Stuart McCord b 1794 Abbeville, SC  d 1868 Henry Co, GA 

3. John Lewis McCord b 1819 Abbeville, SC  d 1899 Newton Co, GA


Kit 38168 

1. John McCord b 1747 Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland  d 1837 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

2. William McCord b 1801 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY  d 1850 Fairfield Twp, Huron Co, OH


Kit 98425 

1. William McCord b Orange Co, VA  d 1798 Abbeville, SC.  

2. William Pressley McCord b before 1790/1801 SC  d 1860/70 Rusk Co, TX, or Gregg Co, TX

3. Joseph Andrew McCord  b 1826 SC  d. 1872 Caldwell Co, TX


1a6 R-M222 Subgroup A223>A225>A1774>A1775+ (consider updating to Big Y or Y-111) Scotland

Kit 48722 

1. James McCord 

2. Ambrose McCord b 1783 Washington Co, TN d ? Franklin Co, TN 

3. Ambrose David McCord b 1815 Blount Co, TN d 1852 Mt Hope, Lawrence Co, AL 

Family moved to Tuscaloosa Co, AL and some of this family moved to Lynn Co, TX


Kit 41176 

1. John Irwin McCord b 1786 NY d 1863 Dutchess Co, NY 

2. James Peter McCord b 1812 NY d. Alberta, Canada. Lived in Bradford Co, PA 1850.  Moved to Bremer Co, IA 1860




Kit 94635 

1. Johannes McCord  b 1688 Scotland d 1764. Immigrated to US 1734.  Landed in New Castle, DE.  Removed to Augusta Co, VA.

2. John McCord b1738 Albemarle Co, VA d. 1806 Abbeville, SC

3. William McCord b 1755 Orange Co, VA  d 1798 Abbeville, SC 

4. William Pressley b 1790 Abbeville, SC  d after 1850 Lafayette Co, MS

5. William M. McCord b 1829 SC  d 1883 Rains Co, TX


Kit 98425 

1. William McCord b Orange Co, VA  d 1798 Abbeville, SC.  

2. William Pressley McCord b before 1790/1801 SC  d 1860/70 Rusk Co, TX, or Gregg Co, TX

3. Joseph Andrew McCord  b 1826 SC  d. 1872 Caldwell Co, TX


1a7 R-M222 Subgroup Probably A223>A225>A1774 (consider upgrade to Big Y)

Kit 135998 

Nothing reported. Living in Illinois 


Kit 896422  

1. John McCord living in Fleming Co, KY

2. James Bangor McCord b 1798 KY  d 1860/70 Fleming Co, KY

3. Edward G. McCord  b. 1852 KY


Kit 95644 

1. James McCord Sr b 1753 PA  d 1815 Franklin Co, TN

2. James McCord Jr b 1779 Washington Co, TN  d 1861 Corinth, Tishomingo Co, MS. 

3. Campbell Washington McCord b 1810 Franklin Co, TN  d 1890 Alcorn Co, MS

Family moved to Tishomingo Co, MS and Longview, Upshur Co, TX


Kit 27072 

1. David McCord d 1818 Williamson Co, TN

2. Robert McCord b 1792 NC  d 1844 Marshall Co, TN 

3. William Houston McCord b. 1815 KY Family living in Fannin Co, TX by 1900


Kit 31035 

1. Robert McCord b 1780 GA 

2. Gideon Blackburn McCord b 1815 Maury Co, TN  d 1894 Leonardville, Riley Co, KS. Lived in Bond Co, IL 1840, Grant Co, WI 1850, and Page Co, IA 1860

3. George Rollins McCord b 1849 Grant Co, WI d. 1920 Sonoma Co, CA


Kit 68043  

1. William McCord b. 1715 Ireland  d 1756 Franklin Co, PA

2. James McCord b 1749 PA  d 1781 Mecklenburg Co, NC

3.  William Wilson McCord b 1775 Mecklenburg Co, NC  d 1855 Henry Co, TN.

4.  William Wilson McCord Jr. b 1805 KY  d after 1870 Henry Co, TN.

Family moved to Dunkin Co, MO and later to Greene Co, AR


Kit 46122 

Nothing known


Kit  284695 

1. John McCord b 1747 Colmonel Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland d 1837 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY

2. Robert McCord b 1791 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, NY  d 1826/27 Greene Co, PA 

3. James McCord b 1823 Greene Co, PA  d 1891 Daybrook, Monongalia Co, WV

4. Theodore Perry McCord b 1853 Daybrook, Monongalia Co, WV d Delaware Co, IN 


 Kit 967142

Sergeant William McCord b. 1748 Belfast, Antrium, Ireland d. 1832 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA


Kit 25263 

1. James McCord b 1773 Northern Ireland d 1848 Brook Co. WV.  Immigrated about 1795 from County Antrim to Wheeling WV 

2. Samuel McCord b 1798 Ohio Co, WV d 1849 Brooke Co, WV

3. George Washington McCord b. 1823 Brooke Co, WV d. 1878 Brooke Co, WV

4. John Clendenen McCord b. 1869 Brooke Co, WV 




 Kit 96747 

1. William McCord b 1828 Ballymena Co, Antrim, Ireland d 1919 Greenburn, Fauldhouse, West Lothian, Scotland

2. James N. or M. MacCord b 1862 Maypole, Aryshire, Scotland(?) d 1902 Saratoga Co, NY 


Kit 933847 Not confirmed

1. James B. McCord b 1798 Nichols Co, KY d 1859 

2. Edward G. McCord b 1852 Fleming Co, KY d 1900 Fayette Co, KY

3. James Perry McCord b 1879 KY d 1945 Clark Co, KY d 1945 Clark Co, KY 


Kit 974326

Nothing Known


Kit 506556 

1. Robert McCord b 1761 Hanover Twp. Dauphin Co, PA  d 1839 Mercer Co, PA. 

2. David McCord b 1797 Westmoreland Co, PA  d 1844 Steuben Co, OH

3. Robert Clarence McCord b 1830 Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co, MI  d 1899 Burt Co, NB.


Kit 117225

1. ? John McCord Butler Co, OH  

2. Samuel McCord b Butler Co, OH 1811 OH  d 1886 Madison Co, IN

3. Otho Walter McCord b 1875 Madison Co, IN.


Kit 50220 

1. William McCord b 1755 Orange Co, VA  d 1798 Abbeville District, SC

2. William Presley. McCord b1790/99 SC  d 1850 Lafayette Co, MS

3. Joseph A. McCord b 1827 SC  d 1850 Lafayette Co, MS


Kit 39163  

1. James McCord b 1807 Ross Co, OH  d ? Ringgold Co, IA. 

2. Samuel McCord b 1842 Peoria Co, IL  d 1926 Multnomah Co, OR

Family moved 1870 Ringgold Co, IA and Kitsap Co, WA


1b1 R-M222 Subgroup DF85>S673>BY25946>BY18329>FT139745 (Big Y confirmed) West of Scotland?

Kit 922562

1. John McCord b 1709 Chester Co PA d

2. John McCord b 1744 Chester Co, PA d 1819 Franklin Co, PA

3. Benjamin McCord b1785 Berk Co, PA d 1858

4. Pearson Davis McCord b 1812 d 1885 West Nantameal, Chester Co, PA

5. Heber McCord b 1843 Berks Co, PA d 1909 Chester Co, PA


Kit 965578

1. James Jackson McCord b @1775 Orange Co, NY

2. William Mortimer McCord b 1807 Orange Co, NY d. 1848 New York City, NY

3.James Jackson McCord b 1832 Orange Co, NY d. 1910 Norwich Co, NY


Kit N151025

1. John Thomas McCord b1761 Stewartstown, Tyrone, Ireland

2. ?John McCord b 1795 Somerset Co, PA d after 1850 Clark Co, OH  

3. James Thomas McCord b 1816 Greene Co, OH  d 1877 Jasper Co, IL

4. Joseph Anderson McCord b 1843 Greene Co, OH  d 1909 Jasper Co, IL

5. John or Jonathan McCord b 1872 Jasper Co, IL


Kit 917106 

1. John McCord Married Mary Todd NJ

2. Joseph W. McCord b 1797 Morris Co, NJ  d 1852 Clark Co, NJ

3. Marshall Armstrong McCord b 1847 Warren Co, NJ  d 1907 Prince George Co, MD


Kit 857886 

1. Samuel McCord b 1820 Bedford Co, PA  d 1863 Johnson Co, IA.

2. Samuel Quinn McCord b 1851 Johnson Co, IA

3. Charles Leonidas McCord b 1877 Audubon Co, IA  d Cass Co, IA


Kit 922119

1.Daniel Kinsey McCord b 1796 SC or NC d. 1862 Hickman Co, TN  

2.Virgil Alexander Stuart McCord b. 1836 Hickman Co, TN  d aft 1910


1b2 R-M222 Subgroup DF>85>S673>BY25946>BY18329>FT39745>FT37773 (Big Y confirmed)

Kit 973619 Not Confirmed

1. Joseph Shannon McCord b 1816 d 1894 Dauphin Co, PA

2. James McCord b 1856 PA d 1926 Dauphin Co, PA 


Kit B395140

1.Thomas Franklin McCord b @ !845 d 1924 Dauphin Co, PA


1b3 Subgroup DF85>S673>BY25946<BY18329  Big Y Confirmed) West Scotland?

Kit 930299 

1.John L. McCord b 1828 VA d 1906 WA

2.Jackson Bruce McCord b. 1855 Bates Co, MO d 1931 Walla Walla Co, WA


Kit SI12646 No Family Tree Posted

Family lives in Brazil


Kit 18712 

1. Robert McCord b @1760 Mercer Co, PA  d 1839 Mercer Co, PA 

2. David McCord b 1797 Westmoreland Co, PA 1797  d 1844 Steuben Co, OH

3. Hiram Tuttle McCord b 1838 Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co, MI  d 1893 Timber Creek, Marshall Co, IA 


Kit 44803 

1. William McCord b 1788 PA  d 1869 Black Hawk Co, IA. 

2. Henry Jackson McCord b 1827 Erie Co, OH  .d 1917 Riley Co, KS

3. Henry Howell Hiram McCord b 1884 Riley Co, KS  d 1937 


1b4 R-M222 Subgroup DF85>S673>BY25946>BY18329>BY90789 (Big Y confirmed)

Kit 963984

1.James McCord b 1739 Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Ireland

2.John W. McCord b 1777 Iredell Co, NC d 1859 Butts Co, GA

3.James Rufus McCord b 1809 Wilkes Co, NC d. 1892 Rockdale Co, GA

Kit 41984

1.John McCord b 1720 Derry, Ireland d 1790 Dauphin Co, PA

2.Robert McCord  b 1761 Dauphin Co, PA d 1839 Mercer Co, PA

3.David McCord b 1797 Westmoreland Co, PA d.1844 Steuben Co, OH

4. Robert Clarence McCord b 1830 Washtenaw Co, MI d. 1899 Burt Co, NB


1b5 Subgroup Probably DF85>S673>BY25946>BY18329 (consider upgrading to Big Y)

Kit 58827 

McCords were living in Chester and Berk Co, PA as early as 1743

1. Evan Bell McCord b 1821 Chester Co, PA  d 1899 Wright Co, MN. 

2. Joseph Harlan McCord b 1845 Reading, Berks Co, PA  d 1920 Pierce Co, WA


Kit 313568 

1. Thomas McCord patented land in Jackson Co, MO 1838

2. Joseph McCord b 1820 Bates Co, MO  d before 1880 Bates Co, MO.

3. Thomas Jefferson McCord b 1861 MO  d 1916 St Clair Co, MO. 


Kit 906106

1. James McCord b 1790 Lived in Hickman Co, TN

2.  Marion 1829 d.1860-70 Hickman Co, TN

3. Samuel D. McCord b 3 May 1859 TN d. 23 Apr 1929 MS


Kit  920074

1. William McCord b1796 Stewartstown, Tyrone, Ireland d 1872 Randolph Co, IL

2. John McCord b 1825 Charleston Co, SC d. Lavaca Co. TX

3. James Madison McCord b 1870 Lavaca Co, TX d. 1951 Lavaca Co, TX  


Kit 903954  

1. Samuel J. McCord b 1808 Orange Co, NY  d 1898 Knox Co, IN

2. Abraham McCord b 1842 Tompkin Co, NY  d Knox Co, IN

3. Samuel J. McCord b 1008/1814 Orange Co, NY



Kit IN114193 

No Family Tree  McCords from Stewartstown, County Tyron, Ireland


Kit 345363 

1. William McCord b 1770 York Co, SC  d 1851 Hickman Co, TN

2. John McCord b 1803

3. Thomas Garton Newton McCord b 1827 Hickman Co, TN  d 1862 Columbus, MS.  Family still living in Hickman Co, TN 


1c R-M222 Subgroup Ungrouped Consider further testing

Kit 894624

1. Benjamin Stuart McCord b.1789 VA d. 1853 Clinton, MO

2. Abijah S. McCord b1819 Memphis TN d. 1863 Milkens Bend, LA 

3. Archibald McCord 1851 DeKalb Co, MO d.1932 Gallatin, MO

4. Jesse Abiga  McCord b 1884 Davis Co, MO 


Kit 931872

Nothing Known  No Family Tree


Kit 88162

1. John McCord b 1735 Lancaster Co, PA d. 1809 Mecklenburg, NC 2

2. David McCord b 1765 Mecklenburg Co, NC  d.1827 Greene Co, TN 

3. James Hall McCord b 1806 Greene Co, TN  d 1836 Green Co, TN

4. William Bell McCord b 1831 Greene Co, TN d 1886 Greene Co, TN

5. William Clark McCord b 1863 Greene Co, TN d 1933 Kaufman Co, TX 


Kit 794044

1. Arthur McCord b 1741 MD d. ?1800 Columbiana Co, OH 

2. James McCord b 1785 Harford Co, MD  d 1866 Columbiana Co, OH.

3. Arthur McCord b 1809 Baltimore, MD  d 1874 Columbiana Co, OH.

4. George Alvin McCord b 1846 Columbiana Co, OH  d 1911 Columbiana Co, OH


Kit 119456 

Test 12 markers 2008 Never replies  No Family Tree


Kit 45150  

1. John McCord b 1780 NC  d 1863 McDonough Co, IL.  

2. Alexander Young McCord b 1826 Overton Co TN  d 1902 McDonough Co, IL

Family moved to Franklin Co, IA.


Kit 118163 

Nothing Known


Kit 53006

Nothing known.  No known address or email 


Kit 306251 

1. Benjamin McCord b 1783  d 1870 Perry Co, PA  

2. Samuel McCord b 1821 Perry Co, PA  d 1895 Perry Co, PA

3. John Patrick McCord b 1851 Perry Co, PA  d 1944 St Genevieve Co, MO


2a R-M222 Subgroup (McCourts) Further testing to determine M-222 subclade

Kit 71072 

Kit 187291 

Kit 409527 

Kit 356001


3a R-P25 Subgroup Further tested needed to determine if R-M222

Kit 27071 

1. Charles McCord b 1776 TN or KY.  Lived Nashville, Washington Co, IL 

2. Robert McCord b 1808 TN  d 1890 Jackson Co, IL 

3. William Barnett McCord b 1829 Jackson Co, IL  d 1894




4a1 R-U106  Subgroup  Z361>L48>>Z381>Z236>CTS2509> FGC23165

Kit 311965 

1. Hiram B. McCord b. 1829 Fleming Co, KY d. 1902 Dayton, OH 

2. William Thomas. McCord b. 1868 Hillsboro, Fleming Co, KY d. 1954 Dearborn Co, IN 


5a E-L147 Subgroup BY6132

Kit 711734  


6a I-M253 Subgroup Further testing needed to determine M253 subclade

Kit 196437

1. Azel McCord b 1794 TN d 1830 Franklin Co, TN

2 William Porter McCord b 1816 Winchester, Franklin Co, TN  d 1881 Alcorn Co, MS.  

3. William T. J. McCord b 1849 Tippah Co, MS  d 1913 Grayson Co, TX. 


Kit 102669 

1. John B. McCord b 1820 SC Living in Tippah Co, MS by 1860  d 1906 Lee Co, TX

2. Robert Earl McCord b 1855 MS


7a Not McCords No research done on this group

Kit 181429 

Kit 447594

Kit 814107

Kit 501172


To be Determined

Kit 94333

Family Tree shows a Margaret McCord Married to John Frescoln 1850’s Chester Co, PA