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Dogwood Family Group


Kit Number:  N45626


John George Johnston, b. 1756, , d. 1840

└── William Johnston, b. Abt. 1776, Otto, , , d. 1860, 

       + Margaret , md. 

       └── John George Johnson/Johnston. b. November 3, 1806, , , d. June 12, 1888, Lamar County, AL

             + Lucinda Cloer, md. March 20 1829, 

             └── Jacob Clure “Jake” Johnson, b. January 5, 1830, Fayette, Fayette, County, , d. January 5, 1917, Fayette or  , 

                   + Martha Jane Cline,  md. June 6, 1869, Lamar or 

                   └── Joseph Alcibide Johnson, b. August 14, 1884,  , , d. 1937,  , 

                         + Sarah Francis Wright, md. December 1, 1907, Ridge,  , 

                         └── Hoy Lebron Johnson, b. May 12, 1910,  , , d. March 30, 1993,  , 

                               + Eulene Duke, md.  , 

                               └── Jacob Landon Johnson

                                     + Nellie Marion Moseley

                                     └── Gregory Brian Johnson (Kit #N45626)


Additional info: The information earlier than John George Johnson/Johnston (born 1806) are somewhat speculative.



Kit Number:  64987


 Daniel Johnson, b. ca. 1815-18, NC, d. Bradley Co., TN
 + Margaret J. Brannon, b. 1811, TN, d. Bradley Co., TN

 └── Joel  Johnson, b. 1847, Bradley Co., TN, d. 1915, McMinn Co., TN
       + Isabelle Caroline Triplett, b. 1849, Bradley Co., TN, d. 1925, McMinn Co., TN

       └── Thomas Bruner Johnson, b. 1872, Bradley Co., TN, d. 1940, McMinn Co., TN
             + Dove Victoria Payne, b. 1876, McMinn Co., TN, d. 1901, McMinn Co., TN

                  └── Rual Lester Johnson, b. 1895, McMinn Co., TN
                   + Barton Grace Gaston, b.1899, McMinn Co., TN
└── Rual Bolden Johnson (Kit # 64987) c/o Linda Griffin                      

                         + Sarah Lee Brown



Kit Number:  N71277

Duke Johnson Orange (later Alamance) Co., NC (Burlington/Graham area)
+ Jane Allen (her parents came to US from ), md  30 Oct 1847,  Orange Co., NC

 └── George Washington Johnson, b. 14 Feb 1855, Alamance Co., NC  (Burlington?)
        + Mary Jane Shehan,  m. 20 Aug 1873, McDowell Co., NC

        └── William Monroe Johnson, b. 14 May 1879, McDowell Co., NC)
              + Hannah Lucinda Padgett, m. 24 Sep 1899

              └── Ted Roosevelt Johnson
                    + Allie Mae Effler
└── Arthur Carl Johnson  (Kit # N71277)Kit Numbe



Kit Number: 124694


James Wilson Johnson, b. 1825, , d. bef .1900, Randolph Co., AR
+ Sarah Reeder, prob. KY

└── Andrew  Johnson, b. 6 Apr 1855,  Co., KY
        + Mary E. Mc Clintock, m. 8 Oct 1877, Ripley Co., MO

          └── William Henry Johnson, b. 20 Mar 1882, Poynor, , 
               + Effie Leota Rapert, m. 1 Oct 1903, Poynor, 

                    └──  Winfred Earl Johnson (Kit # 124694)

White Mulberry Group

Johnson kit #208313 gr son of
      Owen Sauders Johnson b 1872 Crawford Co.,IN d 1954 Crawford Co.,IN
      +Charlotte Sprinkle b1866 IN d 1946 Crawford Co.,IN
        William Walter Johnson b 1848 Floyd Co.,IN d 1875 Crawford Co.,IN
         +Eliza M Sanders b 1848 Frankfort,KY d 1942 Birdseye, IN
           John Marshall Johnson b 1819 Clark Co.,IN d 1874 Crawford Co.,IN
            +Nancy Ann Mavity b 1824 IN died 1909 Crawford Co.,IN
               John Johnson b 1782 now Mifflin Co.,PA d 1837 Clark Co.,IN
                +Mary Jamison b ca 1785,Shelby Co.,KY d 1862 Floyd Co.,IN

Johnson kit#202301 gr son of
       Jefferson Z. Johnson b 1878 Clark Co.,IN d 1930 Clark Co., IN
       +Ethel McKinley b 1880 Clark Co.,IN d 1951 Floyd Co.,IN
           Zephaniah Johnson b 1850 Clark Co.,IN d 1932 Clark Co., IN
           +Clarissa Ann Miller b  1849 Floyd Co.,IN d 1938 Floyd Co., IN
             Gabriel G Johnson b 1822 Clark Co.,IN d 1880 Clark Co., IN
             + Nancy Packwood b 1825 Clark Co.,IN d 1913 Clark Co., IN
               Zephaniah Johnson b 1792 Mifflin Co., PA d 1832 Rock island Co,IL
                +Catharine Gelwick b 1799 IN d 1851 Clark Co,IN

Johnson   kit# 312608 gr  son of
    Frank B. Johnson b 1882 Orange Co.,IN d 1964 orange Co.,IN
    +Ruth Allen b 1882 IN d 1983 OK
        Homer F Johnson b 1853 Orange Co.,IN d 1921 orange Co.,IN
        +Mary E Chatham  b 1860, Orange Co., IN d 1943Orange Co.,IN
           Armstrong V. Johnson b 1815 Clark Co.,IN d 1881 Orange Co.,IN
           +Sophia S Johnson b 1825 Orange Co.,IN d 1907 orange Co.,IN
              James Johnson b 1784 now Mifflin Co.,PA d aft 1850
               +Edith Umstead b 1792 PA d 1844 Clark Co.,IN

Sesser oak group

Johnson kit#323000
Gr son of
George Robert Johnson b 1917  Randolph Co.,MO d 2001 Randolph Co.,MO
+ Virginia Bowen b 1918 d 1999 Randolph Co.,MO
   William Collins Johnson b 1891  Randolph Co.,MO d 1952 Randolph Co.,MO
    +Rosa Velma Johnson b 1891 d 1972
      George Lanning Johnson b 1863 Randolph Co.,MO d 1936 Randolph Co.,MO
      +Betty Ficklin b 1864  Randolph Co.,MO d 1955 Chariton Co.,MO
         William C. Johnson b 1834 Shelby Co.,KY d 1901 Randolph Co.,MO
         +Lucinda Johnson b 1837 IN d 1913 MO
            David Johnson b 1796 Shelby Co.,KY d 1878 Parke Co.,IN
             +Sarah Collins b 1804 Shelby Co.,KY d 1876 Parke Co.,IN
                James Johnson b abt 1763 PA died abt May 1824 Shelby Co.,KY
                 + Margaret Dixon b abt 1760 died abt 1850

Olive Group 

The R1b-Family ZZE (Olive) Group has some of the original Johnson Project test subjects and others that match them.

The Olive Group page at Jeffrey A. Bockman - Olive Group ( has a further discussion of the research issues and descendant reports for the current family groups of the members based upon DNA and research. FamilyFinder results will also be used.

Descendants of 
        Benjamin Johnson (died 1731) = Margery Massie
                Gideon Johnson (1722-1807)

        John Johnson & Elizabeth (Massie?)
                John Johnson (1702- 1777) = Elizabeth Ellyson
                        James "Gov" Johnson (abt 1737 - 1824) = Mildred Moorman (b 1742)
                Ashley Johnson (abt 1710 - 1761) = Martha Woodey
                James Johnson (abt 1717 - 1787) = Lucy Moorman
                        James "Seneca" Johnson (1767 - 1825/26) = Millie Moorman (b1760)
                Benjamin Johnson (abt 1722 - 1769) = Mary Moorman

        Benjamin Conrad Johnson (1827-1920) = Margaret Danner

Caskieben Clan
        DNA results of two proven descendants & Lineage - Jeffrey A. Bockman - Caskieben Lineage (
        The results match very few Johnsons. They do not match the lines claimed by Lorand Johnson.

Update 9 July 2016
There has been an attempt to retain all or part of the original group names, but in some cases there are new names and a different format.
Should you find yourself in a group you believe to be WRONG, please contact Gail in the first instance

In explanation of certain groups, such as "Unmatched", if for example, you are at Y37 and find yourself in a particular group other than what you expected, please read the title of the group.  The level of Y37 and below is often insufficient for genealogical genetics (not always as it depends on the Haplogroup).  Although it gratifies my genetic soul to see the SNP testing, this is generally NOT helpful to a surname project unless there are a number of Y111 testers in the same group or relatively close - meaning a GD a little over 10.

1.  Frequently, I find a man with another surname has joined the project and although there is no barrier to this happening when it is learned there is no JOHNSON (or variant spelling) in the matching for this tester, the assumption is made that there is an autosomal reason for joining.  This is OK but do please let the Admins know of this factor for appropriate grouping.
2.  Just as frequently, when checking matches, the surname Johnson (or variant spelling) is displayed.  Interestingly, that same surname Johnson etc is NOT in the project.  Therefore there must be numerous men with the surname within FTDNA's date base and who have not thought to join this project.  Therefore, could you please make contact and ask them to either contact the admins or just join.
3.  You can quickly and easily learn who you are matching in the project after you have joined - simply designate the project in your "Matches" option via your personal homepage.  If there is a match already in the project, this will appear and you can then write to that person by either clicking on their photo/silhouette or the little envelope icon.

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