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J-M319 DNA Project

Part of M172 includes Z39482 FT200571
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M319 has 7 sub branches:1 S18579 M115 BY74998 S8478 BY41121 BY41119 S17862 FT75689 FT156618 FT163232 FTB13387 FTB9588 FTB7798 S187115 FGC17726 Z39482 BY37888 FT316634 Y23998 skeleton ERS2065779 Y23722 Z31469 Y69687 FGC43457 FT200571 Y5500 Y71930 Y38801 S26049 FTB66226 BY191114 BY190608 FT 180980 2 Y16905 Y16819 Y16817 BY568803 Z39601 Z39600 Z39632 Y23165 Y23502 BY19967 Y60317 FT178190 FT299913 FT 96382 BY136275 4 Y92462 S17487 S8186 Y82536 FTA78547 BY17841 S18910 BY188840 BY66226 BY15915 FT68486 FTA17429 BY37674 BY37669 FT146976 FT144621 FTA37651 BY61948 FT5683 BY72185 S17259 Y92462 Y151557 Minoan Skeletons, Italian Skeleton San Ercolano c570 AD 5 PH314 PH626 PH32 BY37671 Turkish skeleton ERS2364959 BY37671 BY37682 BY37671 BY37682 BY137048 6 7 FT129509 BY55704 FTB3160