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was J2a4d J2a1d now J2a1a1a1b2a
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About us

If you tested with 23andMe and they classified you as j2a1e then you are J2a4d (23andMe use a rather old classification). We suggest you test your STD (standard tandum repeats) markers because they will tell you where you belong in our group which is called a haplogroup. Further information about our unique group which follows the trade routes of the world can be found on the Lost Langtons j2a4d homepage.
 J2a4d itself has now been reclassified as J2a1a2e, it is a sub division of j2a and j2. (It has also previously been named j2a3d J2a1d and j2a1e). Our SNP is called M319. The haplogroup is very dispersed and we aim to indentify as many subgroups as possible. Originating in the Middle East ( Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Turkey ) the group spreads out east to Afghanistan, Mongolia, Nepal and Tamil Nadu and west to Crete, Greece, Italy especially Sicily, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rica, Mexico, Chile, as far as the Philippines. Another branch goes up through Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England and accross to the USA. A phyogenetic tree can be found on the Lost Langtons J2a3d homepage. If you are j2a4d or you think you might be please join the project through your FTDNA account, log in, join projects, haplogroups, j, j2a4d M319+ , join. To be on the phylogenetic tree you will need to have at least tested to 67 markers.
If you tested through Ancestry or SMGF you can still join the group for $19 although I strongly suggest you take one of the $58 options. http://www.familytreedna.com/landing/ydna-transfer.aspx . If you tested j2a1e with 23andMe please consider taking the FTDNA STD test to find out where you fit in the group. The FTDNA test for 12 markers costs just $59. Have a look at the y test "results" section above.