Jewish R-M124 Haplogroup

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About us

The goals of the Jewish R-M124 Project are: (1) To identify STRs and SNPs that characterize Jewish R-M124 groups, (2) To explore ancestral backgrounds of Jewish R-M124 members, and (3) To identify potential common ancestors among Jewish R-M124 members. The R-M124 haplogroup is rarely found among the male population of Europe or among the Jewish population. This project aims to identify genealogically relevant DNA markers that are common for both Jewish and non-Jewish members of the project. The project will explore Jewish ancestral origins by collecting and analyzing genetic, geographic, and surname data. Individuals who belong to the R-M124 haplogroup and who are Jewish or have known Jewish paternal ancestry are highly encouraged to join this project. Although the project focuses on Jewish ancestral origins, non-Jewish R-M124 males with similar Y-DNA markers are also welcome to join the project. Please contact one of the project administrators for more information.