'Montgomery of Scotland' Founder Project for Haplogroup J-Z35794
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About us

Are you one of the 51 men who have the J-Z35794 Haplogroup? Are you an autosomal or Y DNA match to one of these men? Please join the project!

DNA dating tools tell us the Founder of the J-Z35794 Haplogroup lived about 1410 give or take 100 years. DNA matches and documentary evidence from known genealogies strongly suggest that the earliest Founder of the J-Z35794 Haplogroup is likely to be Alexander Montgomery (1305-1388) of Renfrewshire, Scotland and could be as recent as Adam "4th of Braidstane" Montgomery born about 1466. The goal of the project is to confirm with DNA and documentary evidence the descendants of the Founder of J-Z35794 and the founders of each branch of J-Z35794.

The project is also exploring relationships between the Montgomery men and the 38 men with surnames Nyberg, Jokiranta, Hunt, Willison, Eade, and Canning who share the Haplogroup J-Z35788, which is an ancestor of J-Z35794.
Who should apply:
1. Men with Y DNA Haplogroup J-Z35794, J-Z35788, or one of their clades.
2. Men and women who match a Montgomery man with the J-M172 haplogroup on either their Y DNA match list or their Family Finder match list.
The project uses www.WikiTree.com tools to document lineages, confirm DNA relationships, and comply with GDPR privacy constraints. Tools at www.GEDmatch.com provide more complete autosomal tools for triangulating matches and confirming relationships. The project will provide applicants help registering at WikiTree and GEDmatch to enable the analysis.
Please apply if you are willing to register at the free WikiTree and GEDmatch websites.
The article "Big Y DNA Testing Results for Montgomery - Many Separate Lineages and One Family Name" from the Clan Montgomery Society International Spring 2021 issue of The Gardien is on the Background page of the project website.
See the Links page for profiles of the J-Z35794 Founders (including Lainshaw, Braidstane, Grey Abbey and Blessingborne lines), Montgomery Immigrants in the line, and project member trees.

See the FAQ page to see how the Earliest and Latest Founders were identified.
Grants for DNA testing are offered to direct male descendants of: Hugh Montgomery b 1727 of Lancaster, South Carolina, Ninian and Jane (Davis) Montgomery Jr b 1765; David Clark Montgomery b 1812 of Lancaster County, South Carolina; Humphrey and Bridget (Clark) Montgomery of Orange and Burke County, North Carolina; John and Frances (Hitchborn) Montgomery m 1727; Adam and Deborah (Thorn) Montgomery m 1733: Hugh and Martha (Mayo) Montgomery m 1738; David and Sarah (Darling) Montgomery m 1715; John and Mary (Strobridge) Montgomery m 1734; Robert and Rebecca (Hews/Hughes) Montgomery m 1731; William and Elizabeth (Hawes) Montgomery m 1718.