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The purpose of this project is to link related group members through the use of mtDNA testing. The focus of this group is on maternal ancestry in Ireland. Therefore, the project is seeking those who have maternal Irish (Ireland or Northern Ireland) ancestry and are interested in comparing their MtDNA results with others for possible links. At a later date, this project may split into several regional or county projects. For males Y-DNA test results, please visit the Ireland Heritage Y-DNA Project - For further reading on mtDNA in Ireland:Association of the mitochondrial DNA haplogroup J with longevity is population specific by S. Dato, et al. Extract:"Evidences are accumulating on the effects of the variability of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) on many complex traits. In particular, mtDNA haplogroup J has been reported to increase the individual chance to attain longevity in northern Italians, Northern Irish and Finns." [pg 1] The Longue Durée of genetic ancestry: multiple genetic marker systems and Celtic origins on the Atlantic facade of Europe. by B. McEvoy, et al. Extract:"Here, we present both new mtDNA data from Ireland and a novel analysis of a greatly enlarged European mtDNA database." [pg 1]

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