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Donald MacLeod Donald MacLeod
April 3 @ 9:27am
03.03.2019. Just a note to advise, my Bigy700 FTDNA test results are delayed. I had to submit a new sample. It could be ready by the end of April, at which time I will submit the BAM file to yfull.com. They both my brother Frank's (already sent to Yfull) and my results will be available for comparison. Regards, Don MacLeod. M-253 I-Y17395. ADDENDUM. May 23, 2019 My Y700 results arrived this afternoon.
Donald MacLeod
May 6 @ 8:27am
Now, the results might be available by the end of May 2019.
Philip Chisholm Philip Chisholm
May 20, 2016 @ 2:22am
I seem to have a lot of Norwegian cousins, my family have Scottish roots dating back by research so far to the 1600's Inverness. However, it would appear that the common denominator in my Y DNA links through to the name Andersson. Must be something to do with the Viking invasion of Scotland 800- 826AD from Ireland. My mtDNA seems firmly rooted​ in England via Iberia
Capers McDonald
April 6 @ 9:09am
Regarding "Norwegian cousins"... Consider taking a close look (using FTDNA TIP reports, for example) into your matches' MRCA number of generations (even up to 24) using higher percentage (say 70% to 90%) probabilities. Using about 30 years per generation, convert these to calendar time. Since 24 generations at 30 years each is only 720 years ago (about 1300), you may find that your MRCAs are from either the Viking or Norman (also many Norse) times. Then, for an estimate prior to about 1300, try to find and compare the same matches to YFull estimates for Time to MRCA. However, as many do, you may discover your ancestor to be a Norwegian immigrant from a later period -- say the 14th and 15th centuries. This later result still would have given many generations to assimilate into Scotland before we find them as parish "locals" in the early 17th century. Instead of Scottish heritage societies, you can then get to meet people, including researchers, from Norwegian ones! (Hope you have fun using these discovery tools.)
Carl Madsen
April 7 @ 7:38am
33years per generation; just wanted to point out that families from Northern Jutland and our ancestors has almost 33years per generation or just shy of a turn around say 3 per 100 years. This in sharp contrast and significant implications to families from the Orient who may have a turn around as low as 25years (or even slightly lower) or just about 4 per 100 years. In Northern Jutland again, as the first born for male predated by a marriage typically by 7-10months, was about 26-27years of age in the past documented period 2-300 years ago; the female equivalence at 25-26 years of age this fits the bill fine with two year cicle and 50-75 percent dead before marriage possibilities. and about 15 events lots of still-born, but often 4-20 'pregnancies', ending often at about 40 years of age for female. As woman often died during delivery, up to 1 in 2 birth moms (/wives) parished immidiately after or during one of her deliveries ... male would re-marry with a young female perhaps slightly older than average, and continue reproducing into old age (after 50y of age). All will support the 33year range. Please let me know of any thoughts on this, as I like to take this item further outside this forum.
Carl Madsen
April 7 @ 8:28am
I should have thought about this ... I have personally this documented experience : ....................paⁿ 8 # of gen's 39,875 years per generation (birth ~1640 to birth apr 1959) ....................maⁿ 8# og gen's 31,375 years per gen. (birth 1708 to birth of my sister 1961). This may lead to an average of about 3 gen's per 100 years on average - the discussion becomes hard about first born male and female and the benjamin etc..... depending on your approach to statistics. cheers
Rinat Ramazanov
April 9 @ 9:36am
In Russia, 32,5 years per generation. В России 32,5 года на 1 поколение. Период с 1360 года по 1992 год.
David Widerberg Howden David Widerberg Howden
March 26 @ 3:18pm
In case not everyone has seen this:
Simon Croft
March 26 @ 3:42pm
Can anyone explain the Ytests above Are they snp tests Big YBig Y 700 is only affordable one for me at the minute. What will it tell me?
David Widerberg Howden
March 29 @ 6:19pm
Simon: A Big-Y700 will identify your personal branch, which can be used to calculate how closely related you are to your matches. You will receive the full range of SNPs both shared with others and unique included are also at least 700 STRs.
Donald MacLeod Donald MacLeod
February 11 @ 6:42am
Greetings from Nova Scotia. I am awaiting the results of my Y-700 test. I plan to submit the BAM file to yfull as soon as the results are provided. Don MacLeod. YDNA Kit 222163. Some believe comparing my brother's yfull results, which I have already submitted to yfull, compared with my results, MIGHT produce some added information.
Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
February 18 @ 8:25am
One thing it will accomplish is matching nearly all of his novel SNPs, and getting a block of SNPs up on the tree for your family branch. From there, you'll need cousins, preferably 4th or further out, to do the BigY to help branch off some of those SNPs to refine the twigs on your branch. It looks like there are quite a few people in your grouping that have only done SNP pack testing, or are all stuck at the Y17395* level with no matching testers for their Novel SNPs.
Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
March 26 @ 9:30am
Did you happen to get the Y700 results yet?
Wallace Capps (I-A20926) Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
March 26 @ 9:28am
I just wanted to encourage anyone with the BigY-500 already completed to upgrade to Y700 before the end of the month. For $179, you get an entirely new sequencing test, with greater coverage of the Y chromosome, near comparable to YElite coverage, which will help this project further refine the tree with greater numbers of SNPs found per kit. I have already ordered the upgrade for this kit, and hope to get others to do so as well. Jeremy for Wallace
Wallace Capps (I-A20926) Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
February 11 @ 8:58am
Hello, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that a new branch has formed under Y11265. There are three testers in the Y60845 grouping, with this kit and 41210 branch down to Y62954*. FTDNA displays different haplogroups for the two kits, but both are Y62954*. I am going to work on getting the other tester to join this group. Jeremy Stewart for Wallace
Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
February 18 @ 8:27am
Thanks for creating that branch. I am currently working on another tester to order the BigY, and he should help further branch the grouping being a Y37 match to the two Capps testers. Jeremy
Esko Saari Esko Saari
November 8 @ 12:14pm
Hei.roikkunut tuloksissa jonkin aikaa. Y-67 testin kautta en ole saanut konkreettisia tuloksia, ainoastaan FF-testillä, hyviäkin. Seurataan tilannetta.
Eero Ruuska
February 8 @ 4:25am
Ollaankohan me jääty pattitilanteeseen. Big-Y tulosten mukaan osa ryhmästämme on sijoitettu omalle oksalleen mutta Y-Full näyttää nykyisin kaikki 5 sinne tietonsa laittanutta samalle oksalle.
Eero Ruuska
February 12 @ 2:21pm
Nyt tulikin pieni liikahdus, YFull teki uuden oksan osalle meistä.
Andreas Nikolai Lydersen Andreas Nikolai Lydersen
September 13 @ 4:26am
Hello guys, and thank you for inviting me into the group. My name is Andreas, and I'm Norwegian. My family has long suspected that my fathers father on paper was not the actual one. The DNA-results have confirmed this, as his origins would have a German Y-DNA, while mine are not. I still haven't got a full grasp on how to interpret the DNA results, but are very eager to understand more about who my actual grandfathers family are. Any pointers on how to proceed through the Y-DNA would be much appreciated.
Wallace Capps (I-A20926)
September 13 @ 7:16am
Hello, I see that your results are not grouped yet, but the admins should take care of that next time they are online. Since you don't know whether your grandfather is related to you, or not, I would suggest the Family Finder test, if you haven't already had it run. That will give you more relevant matches within the last few generations, and might help you narrow down your search. The Y-DNA testing on here, especially in a group like this, will give you a family branch from hundreds to thousands of years back. Since you have only done the Y37 STR test, your grouping is going to be more broad. It looks like you did a SNP pack and landed on CTS6364, which is spread throughout multiple groupings in this project. Upgrading to the BigY-500 is going to be your best shot at finding your closest match, and will keep refining your line as more testers come along and match your unnamed variants.
Andreas Nikolai Lydersen
September 15 @ 6:07am
Thanks Wallace! I've done the Family Finder test, and will definitely look into the Big-Y500.
David Widerberg Howden
September 17 @ 5:25pm
You are very welcome. I will let Kirill take a look at your results as I mostly take care of the results of my own subbranch A5338. You are also very welcome to join the Norway DNA project as well ;)
David Widerberg Howden
November 14 @ 6:54pm
Bo: Have you tried contacting Kirill again by email, he has probably been busy lately ;)
David Widerberg Howden David Widerberg Howden
May 25, 2018 @ 5:00pm
Dear all members, due to the new GDPR rules that FTDNA has interpreted much more strict than what is neccessary, we as admins have lost almost all access to help many members with theyr results. Please take a look at the access given to us as admins. "The group access only" gives us no access at all and is equivalent to what members in a project can see in the results list. The "Limited access" gives us only basic access so that we can help you with some and the "Full access" gives us possibility to help you join projects, help you upload gedcom, order analysis, edit some basic info on your profile etc. If we dont have access to anything we cant do much work and cant help our members. So please review your "Group settings"
Wayne Hill
July 6, 2018 @ 12:16am
What do you mean Haplogroup predictions may change?
David Widerberg Howden
August 30 @ 4:21pm
Dear Wayne, sorry for my late response, no this has nothing to do with members results, this change in policy has changed us as admins access to help our members with theyr results and be able to interpret results so we can produce genetic trees for our branch. We recommend members to at least give us "Limited access" here: https://www.familytreedna.com/my/project-preferences as keeping it at "Minimum" prevents our work..
Jeff Palmer Jeff Palmer
August 29 @ 11:54am
Looking at my maternal grandfather's DNA, kit number 20551, tested 67 markers and terminal SNP is Y6351. Can't afford Big-Y. My guess that my very distant ancestors were probably from Norway or Sweden who came in England during the Viking era. How old is Y6351? Thanks, Jeff
Rinat Ramazanov
August 30 @ 12:52am
https://www.yfull.com/tree/I-Y6340/ (Y6342 * Y6351 *) formed 3300 ybp, TMRCA 2900 ybp
David Widerberg Howden
August 30 @ 4:17pm
Dear Jeff. I would recommend that you change your project settings https://www.familytreedna.com/my/project-preferences to at least "Limited" as "Minimum" makes it almost impossible for us as admins to be of any assistance. Y6351 is phyloequvalent to Y6340: https://yfull.com/tree/I-Y6340/ and that branch is looks mostly Polish, but there is indeed one downstream Scandinavian branch closer to our time with both Swedes, Norwegians and some English, named S7649. If you cant afford Big-Y I would advice you to test that SNP, if you look at the projects results you will find yourself grouped as probably belonging to that branch: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/I1-L69?iframe=yresults There is actually also more downstream branches that you could belong to and its only Big-Y that would give you an actual final Terminal SNP..