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We welcome anyone with the surname Hyde or similar, listed in our surnames above, to participate in the Hyde DNA Project. Because surnames are passed down from father to son like the Y-chromosome (your father, paternal grandfather, paternal great-grandfather, paternal great-great-grandfather, etc.) participation in this project requires testing the Y-DNA of a male who carries the surname. Since several Hyde families are genetically close, we recommend the Y-DNA 37 marker test as a minimum. Although a female cannot take a Y-DNA test, she can sponsor a test for a male in her family who carries the Hyde surname or a variant. Both males and females can take mtDNA, Family Finder, and most other tests. To help with the Hyde Surname Project, the Y-DNA test is the one to take. 

The mtDNA test traces your direct maternal line (your mother, maternal grandmother, maternal great-grandmother, maternal great-great grandmother, etc). It will not add information to a surname study but will give you information about the female side of your ancestry going back to a time before surnames were used. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down by the mother unchanged, to all her children, male and female. If a perfect match is found to another person's mtDNA test results, one may find a common ancestor in the other relative's matrilineal information table. However the match will not necessarily be within a genealogical time frame.

The Family Finder test is used to trace all of the lines of your family, both paternal and maternal, and all those in between (i.e. paternal grandmother's father's line). It is designed to find cousins in a recent time frame. This test can be especially useful for those who are not matching on Y-DNA tests, or who have hit "brick walls" in their genealogy research. Both males and females can order a Family Finder test.

To join the Hyde DNA Project and order a kit at a discount, click on the JOIN REQUEST button in the toolbar at the top of the page, click on PURCHASE A TEST TO JOIN THIS PROJECT, and follow the instructions. The kit can be shipped either to you or directly to the person for whom you are purchasing.

Contact Dan Hyde hyde@bucknell.edu with any questions.
Website: www.HydeGenealogy.org