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About us

The goal of the HUNTER Surname Project is to distinguish between HUNTER ancestral lines, worldwide. For those who have tested at Family Tree DNA and do not see their results on this site, there are several steps to share your results. 1) Join the Hunter DNA project (see detailed instructions on all these points below) 2) Grant "Limited Access" to the administrators of the project. 3) Add your earliest known male ancestor including full name, birth year and birthplace It will take a bit of time to allocate the Y-DNA results, so please be patient. HUNTER, HUNTTER, HÜNTER, HUNTERS, HONTERS, HUNDTERS, and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the project. Only males have Y-chromosomes, so only male HUNTER (or varient) can participate. If you are female, you can have a male HUNTER (or varient) relative submit a sample for your line. To participate meaningfully, testees will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known HUNTER (or varient) in the form of a pedigree (excluding living persons). Men with a different surname but who have a significant number of close Y-DNA Hunter matches are also welcome.