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Huguenot Descendants

A DNA Project for EVERYONE with Huguenot Ancestry
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About us

This is a DNA project for ANYONE with Huguenot ancestry. The purpose of the Project is to identify as many Huguenot descendants as possible and to determine or confirm their Huguenot lineages using genetic genealogy (DNA testing) in conjunction with traditional, or "records-based" genealogy. The Huguenot immigrant ancestor must have a surname listed in a Registry of Surnames with a Huguenot Lineage Society, either in the United States or in another country. In order to make this project as COLLABORATIVE and MEANINGFUL as possible, there are some PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: (1) For MEN and WOMEN, regardless of surname: the FAMILY FINDER (autosomal) DNA test from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), OR its equivalent from another DNA testing company, such as Ancestry DNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage. Test results from these other companies may be transferred to FTDNA in order to participate in this DNA Project. The $19 "unlock" fee for transferred autosomal test results is required. (2) For MEN ONLY who still carry a Huguenot surname: a Y-DNA test at 111 markers, and/or the BIG Y. (3) Each participant MUST post as complete a FAMILY TREE as possible under the Family Tree tab on their main account profile. This can be built manually, or a GEDCOM can be uploaded. (4) Each participant MUST post as complete a SURNAMES LIST as possible under the Genealogy tab of the Account Settings page. (5) Each participant MUST grant the Project Administrator(s) "ADVANCED" access so that advanced analysis, such as "triangulation," can be performed. (6) Other setting recommendations and requirements are discussed in the BACKGROUND section of the About tab on the project website.