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About us

March 2017  The Hollow DNA project has been moving ahead steadily but I am hoping to step up participation in 2017 and beyond. If you are a Hollow or related to a Hollow please consider joining us either by taking a test if you are a male with the surname Hollow or by contributing to the cost of men in key families taking the test.

Three more people have joined the project and the their results give a strong indication that the HOLLOWs belong to one big family. There are many families that remain unconnected to any of the known families. We need more participants.

The Y DNA test results contain no personal information, and you will match or be a close match to those to whom you are related. To learn more about your origins and ancestry go to the results section.

To get more information, particularly if you want to buy a test kit please contact me, Colin Hollow at hollow@one-name.org

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