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About us

Our objective is identification of all of the Holling(s)worth /Hollandsworth families worldwide.

First, we are concentrating on identifying Hollingsworth families who have been in the US since 1800.

We believe that there are 6 such families descending from: Richard of MA (which has probably died out in male lines), John of Surry County, VA, John of Kent County, MD, Charles of Queen Anne's County, MD (and probably earlier of Northampton County, VA), George of Baltimore County, MD, and Valentine of New Castle County, DE.

We encourage descendants of unidentified Hollingsworth lines that settled in the US before 1800 and European lines to submit dna samples for comparisons.

Second, before 1650 Holling(s)worths were found in many parts of England and Ireland. Apparently, these Holling(s)worths do not have a common ancestor. We intend to utilize dna testing to determine the relationships among the sundry Holling(s)worth /Hollandsworth families of Europe.