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Founded: 5 Jun 2007

The Heaton Y-chromosome DNA Surname Project was established to assist in identifying Heaton ancestral lines. Heaton (and variant) surnamed males are welcome to participate, please submit your pedigree when joining. The Heaton surname is Saxon meaning "The high town or hill, from Hea, high, and ton"
Source: http://www.searchforancestors.com/surnames/origin/h/heaton.php


Katherine Borges
Heaton Volunteer DNA Project Administrator

The Heaton DNA Project is an independent genealogical research study and receives no grant underwriting. Participants are responsible for the costs of their own tests. The project was organized as a cooperative effort among those who wish to explore genetic testing to advance their knowledge of deep and recent family backgrounds. Information and data obtained from the Heaton DNA project must be attributed to the project, administrator, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify administrator when using data for public or private research.

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