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About us

The primary goal of the Grant DNA Project is to connect distant relatives, such that each learns from the other in the pursuit to break down brick walls.  We all know that family trees, for the most part, have a lot of leaves missing and the sharing of information helps fill out the tree.  In our Grant project, we have nearly 400 participants and many are in subgroups with quite a few other members of the project.  Several different Grant genetic lines and ancestries have been identified within this project, and hopefully several more will be in the future.

The Family Finder test kit has provided a new dimension to our project. Members are now finding cousins that may or may not be in the Grant project.  Quite often, the connection is found on maternal side of the family.  If you have not considered the Family Finder test, you should consider this test as a new way to connect with family.

More recently, the Big-Y test became available and looks at about 32,000 SNP's.  We consider it a work-in-project.

Links that can help you understand your results will be added below in the coming weeks: