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23 June 2018: R1b Group Type 6 has been confirmed as belonging to the branch R1b Group Type 6: R-M269>L23>L51>PF7589>CTS6689> S1141>FGC24138>BY12006. Most members have links with Northern Ireland, but links back to Scotland which are currently being explored as well. The block age estimate of 665 years (1285AD) ties in well with the time when the first named Graham arrived in Scotland from England with King David I. It also predates the period when most surnames became fixed in Scotland, so that would explain the many different surname matches with this group.

18 May 2016: The largest Graham family, the J1-L1253 lot, whose ancestors came originally from the Scottish Borders, are unlikely to belong to the same family as the Noble Grahams of Montrose and Menteith.

Legend has it that the Grahams of Netherby (in the Scottish Borders) descended from Long Will Graham, eldest son of John Graham of Kilbride, "John of the Bright Sword", who was the second son of Malise Graham, Earl of Menteith. However John of the Bright Sword was born in 1427 and Long Will Graham was born in 1468. They were NOT the earliest Grahams on the Borders by any means, nor the largest Family. There had been Grahams there for generations before the Netherby lot arrived and one reason for John of the Bright Sword taking refuge there was that he could join men of his own surname.

Records on the medievalsoldiers site show two men named Grame in service in Border forces in earlier times. One, Thomas Grame, archer, in 1383-85, served under the command of Henry Percy, Duke of Northumberland in "Scottish Marches". The other, John Grame, archer, served in the force commanded by John of Lancaster, in the "Berwick Garrison".

22 August 2015: We welcome a new Co-Admin to the Graham project.  Victar Mas is an expert in the analysis of Y-haplogroup J1 and we look forward to seeing his contribution to the analysis of our J1 Y results.  

22 August 2015: As at 22 Aug 2015 there were 380 Y-DNA results in the Graham DNA project, and 138 of those testers (or 36% of the total) did not have any matches within the project.

There were 230 testers who had at least one match within the project and they were listed in 33 different family groups, ranging in size from 115 down to 2. The largest single group was that of the Ancient Grahams (J1-L1253), with 115 testers in that group, or one of its subclades. The next largest groups were R1b Group Type 1 and R1b Group Type 4 with 8 members each, followed by I1 Group Type 2 with 7 members. In all there were 33 family groups and they accounted for 230 testers who had at least one match within the Graham Project.

At that date there had been 13 Big-Y tests within the project and 160 mtDNA tests, of which 80 were for the Full Sequence and 130 for HVR1 & HVR2, and these tests were grouped into 16 different major haplogroups. We have also had 149 testers who have taken the Family Finder test.

12 August 2015:  FTDNA has added some downstream SNP values to their Y-tree, with the result that some of testers who have tested positive for downstream SNPs now are shown as having a new revised haplogroup description. For example, many of the Grahams in the J1 haplogroup who have tested for Big-Y or for the J1 subclade test have been revised to be J-Z18186. This is not the lowest known point on the tree for those testers as most of them are also positive for L1253 which is not yet shown, but we are making progress. For those of you who are into SNP-testing this will come as a welcome change, and there will be further revisions to come. 

15 June 2012:  There’s great news for Grahams and Jordans and their relatives in the J1c3d group. One of their number (N42042) has just been WTY-tested positive for two new SNPs: L1252 and L1253.

L1252 appears to be widespread among J1 testers, but the new SNP L1253 could prove to be a marker for this cluster within J1, presently characterised by DYS388=15, YCAII=22-22 and DYS455=10.

Dec 2010: All J1 testers in the Graham group to date can be recognised by their STR signature, as all have DYS388=15 and YCAII=22-22. The modal value for this line of J1 Grahams, and probably the signature of the earliest Scottish ancestor of the Ancient Grahams, William de Graham (c1080-1127), can be found in Ysearch at CMCFF. Several of the Grahams from this line have been subclade-tested as J1c3d with P58+, L147+, L222-. 

We have had three unexpected matches all who have ancestry in North Carolina. Those participants are busy comparing their family trees to identify their common ancestor.