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Project under construction - more information will come

If you have tested mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) and belong to haplogroup G, please join our project to help us all discover more about this group.

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This project group is to discover and map the origin and distribution of mitochondrial haplogroup G.

How to join:

The project is for people who have tested at FamilyTreeDNA or the Genographic Project.

  1. Log in at www.familytreedna.com with your kit number and password
  2. Click the Projects menu on top of the page, then Join Projects
  3. Scroll down to MT Haplogroup projects at the bottom of the page
  4. Click the letter G
  5. Click the project name G mtDNA - and then click Join

About mt-haplogroup G

G is a subclade below haplogroup M, and a sister clade to M12. 

Phylotree has the latest definitions of defining mutations for G with all subclades.

G is a mt-haplogroup, found in East Asia, but also as rare group in other parts of the world. The most probable origin seems to be northeastern Asia. G is found especially in Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazahkstan, among the people of the Kamchatka peninsula, but also in other areas of Eurasia. We find it as a rare group in Russia, Poland, Scandinavia as well. Wikipedia has published a distribution list here.  We hope to discover more as people join the project.

How to open the Coding Region

For the project administrators to be able to see all the defining mutations (SNPs) of a Full Mitochondrial sequence test (FMS), you need to open the Coding Region to be viewable by project administrators. We will never share the details of the Coding region with anyone else, and the region will not show up on the project website, or be visible to any of your matches.

You find the settings under "Sharing & Privacy" in your account.

Check (tick) the box for the G mtDNA-project and then Save. 

Information about Direct Maternal Ancestry

In order to understand the distribution of G, we need project members to give information about their direct maternal line - mother's mother's mother etc, as far back as one knows, through women only.

If you have a family tree already, this can be uploaded to your FTDNA account in GEDCOM format.

Under the Genealogy tab in your account, please add details about your Most Distant Direct Maternal Ancestor: Full name (earliest known/maiden name), year of birth (or death if birth unknown), and the place, county and country she cam from. Use the earliest known name and place, where she was from. Abbreviations for county and country is necessary to get all the information info the small field. Do not waste space on commas and unnecessary words like "b. and d." etc. See examples.



Elizabeth Bennett b 1767 Brookside, Hampshire ENG

Olga Nomokonova b c 1850 Irkutsk RU

If you have listed the actual information in your GEDCOM and/or the Map Ancestral Locations function, we will add that information to the MDA-field to the benefit of the project.

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