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We have people of all backgrounds and beliefs in G2b-M3115,  in early locations from Spain and Italy in the west to Pakistan in the east, and nearly every country in between: Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Iran. 

Wikipedia: Haplogroup G2c (Y-DNA)

Medieval Persian References to the Israelite Origin of Afridi Pashtuns/Pathans
Medieval Jewish manuscripts discovered in Afghanistan include an unknown work by Saadia Gaon
A trove of medieval scrolls, smuggled out of Afghanistan into the hands of London art dealers, could shed new light on a once-vibrant Jewish heritage

The Pashtuns who claim "Israelite" ancestry in fact claim to be descended from a regular Jewish ("Benjaminite") community in Khroasan (Eastern Greater Iran) who converted to Islam at the time of the Mongol Invasion in 1220 CE. They are not from "Lost Tribes".

G2b1-M377 is found in Lachin, Nagorno-Karabakh, in an Armenian noble family, Saidnaya and Damascus Syria among native Syrian Orthdox and Jacobite Christians and their Lebanese Maronite descendants, Pozzuoli near Naples, Italy, Caltagirone Sicily, Salamanca, Spain, Saudis of Khorasani origin, Kars Province Turkey, and Merida Mexico as well as among Ashkenazi Jews and Pashtuns.

Rashi - he's smarter than you made him out to be ...

From Khorasan .. carrying black banners ...

There is no surprise or shame about Muslims having Medieval Jewish ancestry (or vice versa). 
שלום - صلح - سلام - ܫܠܡܐислягьвал sülh - Pace
ھاسیتی Hasîtîھاسیتی - Խաղաղություն - Barış
Quran 2:83-84