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  Note that we have added info on the kits with the autosomal or Family Finder test for the Y Kits, and where a maternal line connection to the Y-DNA sub group, the FF kits are notated below.  New test results first appear as "Ungrouped" on the Y-DNA chart, until they are changed.  Y DNA upgrade results are automatically entered.

Major Fletcher Genetic Lines (with two or more DNA matches)         Dated 5/25/2013 / add'l proof corrections to _In Process Dec 2013__

Archibald Fletcher of Glen Orchy, Scotland  NOT SHOWN ON THIS SITE*
The six Fletcher men listed below all descend from Archibald Fletcher of Glen Orchy, Argyl, Scotland, who was b. 1718. The head researcher of this line is David Fletcher, whose proven paper trail also goes back to Archibald but whose DNA results show him not to be in this genetic line. David believes he is from a blended family. Nevertheless, David will continue as the contact person for this line.  These men were tested by Ancestry.com whose markers vary slightly from those used by Family Tree DNA. To compare their results, please use the public database at www.ysearch.org.      
ALL:  Contact:  David Fletcher  dfrobert@hotmail.com
•  Ancestry Kit:  William Lee Fletcher    - all R1b
•  Ancestry Kit:  Barrie C. Fletcher
•  Ancestry Kit:  Angus Fletcher
•  Ancestry Kit:  Donald E. Fletcher
•  Ancestry Kit:  Roger Lee Fletcher
•  Ancestry Kit:  James David Fletcher
*  See old Fletcher Surname page at: http://www.genealogy.fletcher.net/Major%20Fletcher%20Lines.htm

Charles Fletcher of South Carolina
        Charles Fletcher was b. 1790 in SC; d. 10 Dec 1849 in Van Buren, Crawford Co. AR. In 1814 in SC he m. Eunice. Their children were Amasa Potts, James F., Sarah Ann, Jane F. and Martha J. Fletcher. Although relationship is still unknown, this line is genetically linked to that of Thomas Fletcher Sr., who was b. 1812 in SC. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Jun 06 and Dec 2006. Gary Don and William A. match 12/12. Cheyenne matches them 11/12.  Gary Don and William D match 25/25 and are close cousins.  Timothy Ray Fletcher new kit in  2017, descends from Amasa Potts Fletcher thru Solomon Amasa Fletcher, his grandfather.
    •     Kit No.      73039   Harmon (‘Cheyenne’) Fuller Fletcher    cheyennefletch@msn.com
    •     Kit No.    353353   Harmon Fuller Fletcher Sr.                     hffletch@msn.com
    •     Kit No.      79740   William Adrin Fletcher                           parsonfletch@yahoo.com   or  w.adrin.fletcher@gmail.com
    •     Kit No.        9323   Gary Don Fletcher                                   Contact Keith Fletcher   Keith.Fletcher.TX@gmail.com
    •     Kit No.    662641    Timothy Ray Fletcher    Y-37                 timfletcher35@gmail.com
    •     Kit No.  N111012   Mr. William D Fletcher   (w/FF)            fletchwd@verizon.net

Charles Henry Fletcher of New Jersey
        Charles Henry Fletcher m. Lydia Leeds Prickett (b. 1845); their son Charles Madison Fletcher was b. 1868 Vincentown, Burlington Co. NJ and d. 1948 in San Diego.  Michael and Ryan have a 25/25 match. 
    •     Kit No.  10674    Michael Ronald Fletcher           cmikega@gmail.com
    •     Kit No.   68133   Ryan M Fletcher                        cmikega@gmail.com

Drury Fletcher of Washington County, Virginia
      Died 1817; m. 1786 Sarah Benham; divorced. Was the father of at least one of his housekeeper Dolly’s four daughters. Three children by Sarah: Elizabeth (m. Fleenor), William (b. 1789; m1. Elizabeth; m2. Nancy Garrett); and James (b. 1791; m1. Margaret Patterson; m2. Nancy Jobe [White] Nave). Drury is believed to have had a brother Capt. James Fletcher, whose daughter Sally m. John Richmond Hoggard. Much controvery remains. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Jun 94; Dec 94; Dec 97; Mar 02, Jun 04; Sep 04.  At 37 markers, Darrell is at a GD=3 to mode, David is GD=1 to mode and Jack matches mode; Jesse matches 10/12 with Darrell, 11/12 with David and 12/12 with Jack and a new 2014 kit for Robert Lynn, who has a GD=1 to mode at 37 markers.  Robert Lynn descends from Drury, to William, to Isaac C. Sr., to Isaac C. Jr., to John Lafayette Fletcher (his grandfather).
    •    Kit No.     15483    Darrell Dean Fletcher              fletchdd@msn.com
    •    Kit No.     31064    David King Fletcher                dfletcher@neurocare.org        
    •    Kit No.     26021    Jesse Conrad Fletcher              jfletcher@hsutx.edu
    •    Kit No.     15568    Jack Miller Fletcher Sr.            txjackoz@westnet.com.au
    •    Kit No.   313687    Robert Lynn Fletcher (w/FF)   Contact Karen McCloskey  karenmccloskey@yahoo.com  

Edward Fletcher of Co. Meath, Ireland
    Edward Fletcher was b. c1844 in Co. Meath, Ireland. He m. Ann Riley in 1864 and migrated to Utica, NY, in 1865. See FFRB Dec 2007 p. 43. Joe is a great-great-grandson.  Derek, James and Joe match 12/12. Joe and James match 24/25. Eldon matches them 11/12 and may be genetically related (results no longer listed).  
    •     Kit No.   173114   James Richard Fletcher       jim@tfletch.com

    •     Kit No.   101418   Joseph Girard Fletcher        (w/Y-67)(w/BigY)  Adkannie5@gmail.com   or  snugaza@aol.com

    •     Kit No.   90969     Derek Lewis Fletcher          fletchercrew@yahoo.com  
    •     Kit No.                  Eldon Lee Anderson            justintime4A@aol.com     Results not passed through system, may be out of project, 11/12 match

Henry Fletcher of Cockermouth, Cumbria, England
     Great-grandson of Simon, d. 1483; grandson of Richard; son of William (b. 1502 Cockermouth). Entertained Mary Queen of Scots. Ancestor of William Fletcher of Saco, Maine, but it has been genetically proven that he is not an ancestor of Robert Fletcher of Concord, Massachusetts. See
Fletcher Family Research Bulletin Sep 96; Dec 97; Mar 05. Also Mar 95; Mar 89; Mar 93; Mar 98; Dec 99. William Guy and William L. match 25/25, but are 35/37.   At 37 markers, Ian matches William L. 33/37.  John is a new participant from Tipperary Ireland, and matches William Guy and William L at 12/12.  Clifton Charles Kelley is a new listing with a strong pattern match through 37 markers.  Richard Julian Phillips, joined in Mar. 2014, also with strong matches at Y-37 and Y-67.  These kits could have an unknown Fletcher ancestry or a very strong match that survived from before surnames were taken on.

•  Kit No.   178097   Frederick Geoffrey Fletcher             derek@2crompton.freeserve.co.uk      
•  Kit No.   112101   Ian Robert Fletcher                           waterwitch@gcom.net.au  or sponsor Derek Crompton: derek@2crompton.freeserve.co.uk
•  Kit No.   248928   John Fletcher                                    JohnFletcher1954@gmail.com    
•  Kit No.    31253    William Guy Fletcher                       guyfletcher@free.fr  or guy.fletcher@gmail.com  
•  Kit No.   40575     Clifton Charles Kelley                      E-mail unlisted
•  Kit No.   322121   Richard Julian Phillips                      phillips@badsey.net
•  Kit No.    22864    William L. Fletcher                           cjf345@comcast.net

Jacob Fletcher of Bedford County, Pennsylvania   
        Probably born Lancaster Co. PA, as Jacob Fletzer/Flotzer, a German surname which became Anglicized. Settled in Bedford Co., where he and many descendants are buried. Sons include Philip, Jacob, Baltzer, John, Daniel, David, and Michael. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Mar 89; Sep92; Jun 96; Mar 97; Jun 01. Daniel matches  11/12 with Eugene and David; Eugene and David match 12/12. 
•  Kit No.     8405     Daniel Asbury Fletcher                    dan.fletcher@att.net   or dan.fletcher@worldnet.att.net 
•  Kit No.     9064     David Allen Fletcher                        dayvida@aol.com
•  Kit No.   46678     Eugene Fletcher                                contact through Leah Higgens: VelvetCat2@aol.com

James Charles Fletcher of England
      James Charles Fletcher was b. c1818 in England; buried Greenwood Cem., Brooklyn; m. Margaret Morrow of Ireland. Parents of James Charles Fletcher Jr. and Samuel George Fletcher I. See FFRB Dec 2005, p. 43. Samuel and Bryce match 12/12. 
•  Kit No.   109714   Bryce K. Fletcher                                    brycefletcher@gmail.com
•  Kit No.     45277   Samuel G. Fletcher                                  sgfletcher4@verizon.net

James Fletcher Sr., Esquire, of Wilkes Co. NC
        James Fletcher, Sr., Esquire, b. c1725; d. 1805 Wilkes Co. NC. By first wife, name unknown, had sons Thomas and Benjamin; his second wife was Susanna.  See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Mar and Jun 2002.   John Edward had 11/12 matches, but they were lost at 25 markers.
•  Kit No.   49435   John Edward Fletcher   (w/FF)                romejohn@comcast.net

John (L) Fletcher of Mason County, Kentucky
        John, whose middle initial may be L, left Mason Co. KY between 1820 and 1835 and migrated to MO. He had two known sons, William H., b. 1813, and George C., b. 1810. John Merle Fletcher descends from William.  Lynwood and Michael descend from Isaac Fletcher of Scott Co. VA, who was b. c1809 in NC and m. Elizabeth Lankford/Langford. The exact relationship between these two branches of this genetic line is not yet known.   At 37 markers minor mutations would show Dennis and John Merle closer, Franklin Lee and James Blagg closer to each other, but also at mode values, and Michael, A Scot (Michael's son), Lynwood, and Paul Henry all have a unique mutation value at DYS456 (the 29th value point) with a copy count value of 15 versus the balance of the group at 16.  Mutations are rare events, not likely to be exactly repeated on other distant but related lines.  This shows an old mutation that helps group them closer together than to the others.  Mark William was close at 25 markers, but was 32/37 to the mode values.
Another genetic branch is from Mark William Fletcher of Australia, who descends from  the Rev. William Kew Fletcher (b.1800 Aberdeen d.1867 Worthing), s/o Thomas Fletcher (c1767-1851), a civil engineer whose descendants immigrated to India and Australia. The connection between these branches of the same Fletcher genetic family are probably in England at least two generations back from Thomas. Mark matches 23/25 with the other three; Lynwood and Michael match 37/37; Lynwood and John match 64/67.   A. Scot Fletcher, who is a son of Michael Rodney, has joined with Y-67 and Family Finder testing.

•  Kit No.   260355    Dennis Fletcher                                      michelleyj@comcast.net
•  Kit No.     B3328   Mark William Fletcher   (w/FF)             fletchesemail@gmail.com
•  Kit No.     31326    Michael Rodney Fletcher                       weewestie@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.     92934    Lynwood V. Fletcher                              Contact through: Mary Lee Allen:  mlee109@msn.com
•  Kit No.   298677   A. Scot Fletcher (w/FF)                          weewestie@yahoo.com  or sfletcher@ameripark.com
•  Kit No.   218329    Nancy Jenkins  (Paul Henry Fletcher)   kygirl2000@aol.com     Line of Isaac Fletcher
•  Kit No.   249587    Franklin Lee Fletcher Jr.                        fraflet@aol.com  Line of John Fletcher & Hannah Judd               
•  Kit No.   199261    James Blagg                                           jablagg@mgwnet.com 
•  Kit No.     84397    John Merle Fletcher                               johnf@cm-as.com

John L. Group: Additional kits, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results) with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   192320   Patricia Moorefield Seaver  (w/FF)  pseaver@charter.net  Cousin to Franklin Lee

John (Capt. John) Fletcher of Ireland
      Capt. John Fletcher migrated from Wales to Ireland, where he d. 1718. His son John II migrated to America in 1728 with his son John III (b. c1720) and settled in Adams Co. PA. John III d. c1812 in Alleghany Co. PA. These are ancestors of Thomas Guy Fletcher and of the two Fletcher Navy admirals. Thomas Guy Fletcher is genetically linked to 1) Walter Eugene Fletcher, descendant of Thomas Edward Fletcher, b. 1852, s/o John and Eliza Fee Fletcher, and 2) Douglas George Fletcher, descendant of William Fletcher, b. 1811, who m. Isabelle Dundas. William’s grandson Thomas Edward Fletcher (1882-1945), s/o John, was b. in Fermanagh, Ireland, where he m. 1911 Elizabeth Ferguson, then migrated to Ontario, Canada.  Matches: Douglas matches Chuck 35/37 and Walter 33/37; Thomas matches Chuck and Douglas 24/25 and Walter 23/25. 
•  Kit No.     87040    Walter Eugene Fletcher                            Contact through:  Julianne Fletcher: feffies@aol.com  or thomasmendip@aol.com
•  Kit No.   254447    David Fletcher                                          Flet659@aol.com, dougfletcher@shaw.ca
•  Kit No.     84817    Thomas Guy Fletcher    Deceased            Contact:  Michele Slabaugh: mlslabaugh@yahoo.com  
•  Kit No.     10486    Douglas George Fletcher                          dougfletcher@shaw.ca
•  Kit No.   211564    John Keith Fletcher                                   dougfletcher@shaw.ca   kfletch@nb.sympatico.ca
•  Kit No.     31446    Charles “Chuck” Edward Fletcher           Contact: Michele Slabaugh: mlslabaugh@yahoo.com  

John Fletcher of Chester County, PA
      John Fletcher of Chester County, PA (1717-1758) m. Eleanor Hindman and migrated to Augusta
Co. VA. Five children: Robert, who married Christiana B. Kinder and migrated to KY; Mary; Margaret; Job; and John. Descendants migrated to Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas and Missouri. See Hatridge, Marilyn and Johnnie Fletcher Yelvington. Fletcher Family Reunion. 1993; and Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Dec 88; Jun 90; Sep 92; Dec 93; Jun 97; Jun 01. Barzie, Fred & Dwain match 25/25. Fred and Dwain match 35/37 & 63/67. 
•  Kit No.   12417     Barzie Ray Fletcher                     bfletcher2@cox.net 
•  Kit No.   114698   Fred G. Fletcher                           Contact: Susan Nadelman  susannadelman@aol.com  or susan1776@comcast.net
•  Kit No.   132659   Dwain Reeves Fletcher                dbfletcher78@earthlink.net

John Howard Fletcher (1879-1964) of LA or MS
        John Howard Fletcher was born in Louisiana or Mississippi and ran away from home as a small boy. No further information on his ancestry is yet available. Charles and John match 37/37. Caroline Bidwell Patton (for John Howard and Charles):  cjpatton1@verizon.net
•  Kit No.   94394   Charles Marvin Fletcher  (w/FF)     For both John Howard and Charles, Contact through:
•  Kit No.   94395   John Howard Fletcher                      Caroline Bidwell Patton:  cjpatton1@verizon.net

Michael Fletcher (b. ~1665) of Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England
      Garry Lyle Fletcher descends from Michael Fletcher of Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England, through his son, Michael, and then Robert Fletcher (1849-1917), who emigrated to Saskatchewan.  Donald Gary Fletcher is a 37/37 match, but they haven't yet found a connection between their lines. 
•  Kit No.   72661      Garry Lyle Fletcher  (Michael Fletcher , 1665)  Garry’s great-grandfather was Robert Fletcher (1849-1917) of
                                   Saskatchewan, who was the son of Michael Fletcher of Yorkshire, England (1816-1906) who emigrated to Canada,
                                   and settled in the Kirkton, Ontario, area.  Garry.Fletcher@shaw.ca
•  Kit No.   284405    Donald Gary Fletcher    dondocfletcher@gmail.com

Moses Fletcher of Fauquier County, Virginia (formerly known as Wm of Montgomery line)
      Moses Fletcher was b. c1725 and died after 1797 in Fauquier Co. VA. He m. 1757 in Stafford Co. VA Sarah Martin and had a family of six children, including sons George, Moses Martin, and Jesse. Moses is not the progenitor of the other lines, just the oldest known ancestor in this genetic group, which also includes: 1) William Fletcher of Montgomery Co. VA, born c1770; d. c1840/50; m. 1791 Mary Milam. Children: James, Rowland, Daniel, Joseph, William, Aaron, Elias, perhaps Polly and Nancy. [Also son John, perhaps a son Milam and another daughter Elizabeth.] See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Dec 88; Mar 89; Mar 90; Jun 90; Jun 91. 2) Capt. William Fletcher, first married Margaret Cargile, with two sons, a) James F. Fletcher of Marshall Co. AL, who m. Nancy Profitt in Wilkes Co. NC and had sons Capt. James Benjamin Fletcher, John Profitt Fletcher and Jordan Fletcher. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Dec 92; Dec 95; Sep 01; Mar and Jun 02., and then b) Lazarus Fletcher w/ wife Milly and their sons John Calvin Fletcher, who was b. c1829 in AL. and sons James and Wiley.  3) Elijah Fletcher of Coffee Co. TN, who m. Lydia Jarvis. 4) Matthew D. Fletcher of Russell Co. VA, who m. Rachel Morgan. 5) George W. Fletcher (b. c1812-17 VA) who m. Ann C. Groves.   Matthew, Thomas M and Richard match 67/67;  Four members have a unique GD=2 variation in the first 37 markers, but two are consistent when upgraded to 67.   Basil, James, Matthew, Richard and Thomas match 37/37; David and Walter match them 36/37 and John Lloyd 35/37.    Three close Rice matches have been found in the 1780 in Fauquier as close as 63/67, and a 67/67 White match has been found along with a close McGee match at 65/67.  Results posted.  This sub group has a strong Family Finder testing program.  With additional testing, Charles David White and Richard J. Fletcher have a 109/111 match, and both have also signed up for the Big Y test for additional deep clade information.  So far the Big Y shows very close deep clade comparisons, between them and Mr Goff plus one other, probably with the new Irish 4th haplotype within the R Haplotype.
•  Kit No.      59855    George Fletcher                             Contact through:  Marion Mitola:  jasper2000@webtv.net
•  Kit No.    123960    James Alan Fletcher                      jimfletcher47@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   N58400    Charles Edward Fletcher              cfletcher_1970@fuse.net
•  Kit No.    206594    Robert Leslie Fletcher                   jfletcher30@cox.net     
•  Kit No.     54288     Robert B. Fletcher   (w/FF)           fletchfam@kc.rr.com
•  Kit No.     35194     Vergil Hugh Fletcher   (w/FF)       Contact through:  Christie Higgs: spottydog68@att.net
•  Kit No.     59281     John Leon Fletcher   (w/FF)          jlfletcher35@yahoo.com, or contact through: Karen Groce:  wgroce@wildblue.net
•  Kit No.     73781     Alvin Fletcher                               Contact:  Katy Vanderhoef:   dvanderhoef@knology.net or Ms. Peggy byoder017@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   245353     Gregory Thomas Fletcher (w/FF)        greg@fletcher.net
•  Kit No.      8424      John Lloyd Fletcher                      jlfletcher35@yahoo.com or johnboyabq@msn.com
•  Kit No.   200817      Randall M Rice   (w/FF)               rmr20@frontier.com
•  Kit No.      4809      Paul Samuel Rice                          Contact:  Randall Rice: rmr20@frontier.com 35/37 match, close time, place connections
•  Kit No.   198780     Robert Frank McGee                       rmcgee1@satx.rr.com   Jerrie.guess@sbcglobal.net
•  Kit No.   81307       Basil Rex Fletcher                           rfletcher2929@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   130895     James L Fletcher   (w/FF)                jimiele@gmail.com or marjim@suddenlink.net
•  Kit No.   275885     Ryder Emory Fletcher Jr.                sooz@ne.rr.com
•  Kit No.   275461     Westwood Hugh Fletcher III          FletcherRJ@aol.com
•  Kit No.   104972     Mathew Mark Fletcher   (w/FF)      detroithomeinspector@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.   124562     Thomas Marion Fletcher  (w/FF)    tmfletcher@ntin.net or tcfletcher@ntin.net
•  Kit No.   138906      Charles David White (w/FF)(w/BigY)        majo15@comcast.net     Strong 67/67 match, close KY/TN connections
•  Kit No.   79763       Richard Jackson Fletcher (w/FF)(w/BigY)   fletcherrj@aol.com
•  Kit No.     22828     David Gene Fletcher   (w/FF)         Contact through:  Debra Brown:   db1202@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.     34051     Walter E. Fletcher                           Contact through:  Trudi Florian:  tkissangel@charter.net or smofre@verizon.net
•  Kit No.   279629     Edward Leon Fletcher Jr.                 eflet38711@cfl.rr.com
•  Kit No.   Genebase  Feryl Fletcher                                Results not listed,  Contact:  Sharol slfshasta@snowcrest.net  See old website for match
•  Kit No.   108045     Benjamin A. Rice   (w/FF)            Results not listed,  jrice01@bresnan.net   36/37 & 63/67 match w/ close time & location
•  Kit No.   Genebase  William Seaborn Fletcher             Results not listed, see at Genebase, also not listed at old website  riverrvpark@yahoo.com

Moses Group: Additional kits, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results) with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   59856      Marion Mitola   (w/FF)            jasper2000@webtv.net
•  Kit No.   122307    Mr. J. (Guinn)   (w/FF)            charlsaguinn@hotmail.com  See Z-2 Grouping for Y-DNA
•  Kit No.   157695    Ms. Vallie Fletcher Taylor (w/FF)    Vallie46@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   176949    Louise Leviyah   (w/FF)          littlemary27@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   208201    Wilma Rae Conklin (w/FF)     Cathyconklin4@aol.com     Daughter
•  Kit No.   210802    Katy Vanderhoef   (w/FF)        dvanderhoef@knology.net
•  Kit No.   216255    Mrs. Karen Morris Groce (w/FF)   wgroce@wildblue.net
•  Kit No.   236594    Mrs. Betty H Wilcox   (w/FF)   FletcherRJ@aol.com   & JMoots@plateautel.net
•  Kit No.   237996    Mrs. Claudia Rose Aguilar   (w/FF)     claudiakrose@comcast.net   or claudiarose@myinu.net
•  Kit No.   244557    Elba Fletcher Bee   (w/FF)         Bumble48@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   249636    Ms. Peggy J Fletcher (w/FF)      byoder017@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   267344    Mrs. Della Fletcher Beckwith   (w/FF)   bluecrablady@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.   281498    Mrs. Marsha Lynn Schoeberlein  (w/FF)     mls_djs@verizon.net    Line: Aaron of Fauquier.
•  Kit No.   B6593     Mrs. Roberta Lynn Crowder  (w/FF)     lrcrowder@aol.com    Line: Aaron of Fauquier.
•  Kit No.   281498    Mr. Richards (w/FF)     lrcrowder@aol.com  1st cou. of Lynn Crowder  Line: Aaron of Fauquier.  His Y-DNA listed in 
                                   Z-3 Grouping - Guest
•  Kit No.   N9536     Miss Cathy Ann Conklin   (w/FF)      Cathyconklin4@aol.com
•  Kit No.   N38946   Melanie Diane Ward   (w/FF)       alaskaicebaby@aol.com   
•  Kit No.   B2394     William Edward Goff   (w/FF) (w/Big Y) buzzard@fairpoint.net   A Y-12, GD=0 match to the Moses Fletcher Group, at Y37
                                   a GD=7 and at Y67 a GD=10 match.    Close Big Y Test match to Richard J Fletcher and C. David White for very deep clade    
                                   match.   His Y-DNA is listed in Z-3 Grouping - Guest

Ralph Fletcher of Perquimans County, North Carolina
Ralph Fletcher I of Perquimans County, North Carolina was born 1632, perhaps in Surry Co. VA;  i. before 21 Jan 1727/28; and m. c1673 Elizabeth Sutton. See FFRB Jun 1997, p. 22 for information on Ralph II and Ralph III.  DNA participants Richard and William descend from Joshua(6) Fletcher [Ralph(5), Joshua(4), Ralph(3), Ralph(2), Ralph(1)]. See FFRB Dec 2003, p. 47. All four participants match 12/12. Brien and William match 35/37; Brien and Richard match 35/37; William and Richard match 35/37. These are the only DNA participants to date who have the “N” haplogroup.  
•  Kit No.   147018    Minos Belden Fletcher                minosfletcher@bellsouth.net
•  Kit No.   133337    William R. Fletcher                     wfletcher@cfl.rr.com
•  Kit No.     54442    Brien James Fletcher                   whistlebits@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.     83582    Richard M. Fletcher                    richard@nolittleplans.com

Richard Fletcher of Hawkins County, Tennessee
     Born 1738; d.1835; m. Sarah Gould. Sons include Thomas, who was scalped and killed, Simon (f/o Wilkinson Fletcher), Moses, Aaron, and John Gould Fletcher (1760-1826), who married first Mary Elizabeth Lewis and migrated first to Stewart Co. TN, then Christian Co. KY, then Lawrence Co. AR.   Many of John's thirteen children settled in Pulaski and Saline Counties, Arkansas.  See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Jun 89; Sep 91; Sep 92; Jun 97;  Dec 99; Mar-Sep 2000.
     John Fletcher of Clermont County, Ohio (Genetic link to Richard of Hawkins proved through DNA of Richard Connelley Fletcher,
but not yet identified.) Married Phoebe Beadle. Three sons:  William H., David, and Jesse (who m. 1811 Hannah Simpkins).  See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Jun 89; Sep 93; Dec 2000.
     John Fletcher of Marion County, Ohio (Genetic link to Richard of Hawkins proved through DNA of David R. Fletcher, but not yet identified.) John (1788-1864) was b. in Virginia; m. c1813 Catherine Davidson (Davis?). John’s sons were James, John D., Burrus Wesley, George Washington,
Washington, C., Jeremiah, Benjamin S., Lafayette, Albert C., and Cyrus Noble. Many of them settled in Fayette County, Illinois. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Dec 02.
     All participants match 12/12 except Richard Wesley who is an 11/12 match;  John and William are a 25/25 match and Richard Wesley is a 24/25 match to them; Richard Connelly and David R. are a 36/37 match.  There is a strong 12/12 match to Travis Livingston Rogers, Kit 134938, see in group Z-3 below, but he has 526 matches at Y-12, and would need to test further to be classified within this group.
Old contacts Patti Vance-Hays: pvhwdh@cablelynx.com for TN line · Contact Myretta Anderson: myretta@peoplepc.com for Clermont Co. OH line  
•  Kit No.   11101     Richard Wesley Fletcher                                                     fletchrw@uwec.edu
•  Kit No.   24272     James Lee Fletcher                                                              jbfletcher72@frontiernet.net
•  Kit No.   14032     David R. Fletcher                                                                drfletcher@xpastor.org
•  Kit No.   8547       John Lathrop Fletcher                                                         firefly-1@charter.net
•  Kit No.   8556       William Farrell Fletcher                                                      bnfeng@direclynx.net     
•  Kit No.   25287     Richard Connelley Fletcher                                                myretta@peoplepc.com
•  Kit No.   xxxxx     Timothy Fletcher    Results not listed,  see old website      timfle2007@hotmail.com

Robert Fletcher of Concord, Massachusetts
     Arrived in Massachusetts perhaps c1636. Settled in Concord. Five children, all probably born in England: Grissell b. c1618; Francis b. c1620; William b. c1622; Luke b. c1625; and Samuel b. c1632.  Wife's name unknown. See Fletcher, Edward H. The Descendants of Robert Fletcher of Concord, Massachusetts. Boston: Rand, Avery & Co., 1881. (An expanded version of his 1871 edition); and Holman, Winifred Lovering. Descendants of Robert Fletcher: The First Six Generations. Unpublished manuscript in library of NEHGS, Boston. 1950. (A carefully researched genealogy which corrects much of EHF's 1881 book; for more details, see Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Mar 1993.)  Also see Jun 98; Jun 2000; Mar-Jun-Sep 2001.  All participants match 12/12 except Thomas, Roger and John Sherman, who match the others 11/12; Patrick William matches Steven 25/25;  Patrick William matches Roger and Thomas 23/25; and David Q. 24/25. Of the four 37-marker participants, Christopher Brown matches Andrew Barak 36/37, John Sherman 34/37, and Russell Rupert 35/37.    
NOTE:  The old site grouped these descendants into sub groups of known sons, and yet unknown line(s) of ancestry descent.   Because of the charting programing cannot be overridden, these kit # are in chart order sequence
•  Kit No.   125127   John Sherman Fletcher           johnfletcher@msn.com                    Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.    N3359   roger glen fletcher                  arfletcher@aol.com  Duplicate, but entry level kit, only Y-12, see Kit 43252 below.
•  Kit No.     43252   Roger Glen Fletcher               arfletcher@aol.com  Descends from Joseph Fletcher of Gallia Co. OH  Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.     22565   Gene Curtis Fletcher               red14@cox.net                           Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.     31412   Thomas Eugene Fletcher        tom_f6@yahoo.com                    Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.     87267   Raymond Manson Fletcher    raymondmfletcher@yahoo.com   Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.   125441   Christopher John Fletcher      fletchenhofen@yahoo.com              Line of Son William
•  Kit No.     14001   Jon M. Fletcher                      Fletcher.jon@gmail.com                  Line of Son William
•  Kit No.     13998   Edward Fletcher                     Contact: Tracy Fletcher Paul   dandtpaul@yahoo.com         Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.     13995   Keith Lloyd Fletcher              Kfletch@WebTV.net                               Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.     10895   Elliott Paul Fletcher               epjaf@broadstripe.net,                             Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.       8926   Gary David Fletcher              Contact Marilyn Brown: genealogy@fletcher.net   Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.     11064   Frank Alan Fletcher               Fletch5911@aol.com                                 Line of Son William
•  Kit No.   133682   L (Lewis) John Fletcher         ljfsworld@aol.com                        Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.   N21838  Charles Stevens Fletcher        charliesfletcher@verizon.net  or  charliefletcher@comcast.net  Line of Son Samuel
•  Kit No.   197313   Robert Dudley Fletcher         rdfletcher@rogers.com            Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.   155411   Russell Rupert Fletcher          rvlane9@sbcglobal.net                   Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.       8684   Patrick William Fletcher        patrickwfletcher@hotmail.com     Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.     38266   Christopher Brown Fletcher    cbfletcher@cox.net                     Line of Son William
•  Kit No.   139332   Andrew Barak Fletcher           abf139@hotmail.com                      Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.     13994   John R. P. Fletcher                  fletcher@montana.com                   Line of Son Samuel
•  Kit No.   217034   Kevin Roger Fletcher              kevin.r.fletcher@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   112061   David Quentin Fletcher           dqfletch@comcast.net                      Line of Son: T.B.D.
•  Kit No.     28790   Thomas Arch Fletcher           Aristarchus235@yahoo.com           Line of Son Francis
•  Kit No.   xxxxx     Steven Fletcher  RESULTS NOT ENTERED  steven@fletcher.net    Line of Son Samuel  SEE OLD WEBSITE  This kit
                                                                                may have been withdrawn from the Project

Robert of Concord Group: Additional kits, with Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results or under different Y-DNA line as Z-3 Grouping, as a guest) but with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   347413   Robert Hamilton (w/FF)     Scotttish@yahoo.com  Maternal line Fletcher Grandfather in Line of Son Francis.

Vardaman Fletcher of Virginia and Indiana

        Vardaman Fletcher (spelled variously Vardeman, Verdemon) was b. c1760 or later in Virginia and married 1797 in Washington Co. VA to Elizabeth Wells. He is believed to have had two brothers, John and William, from whom some of the DNA matches may descend. Vardaman had thirteen children, the last five born after they migrated to Indiana. Both Karl and Mark, who match 25/25, have a paper trail back to Vardaman.  For further information, see FFRB Jun 1997 and Mar 2001. Kit 8585 and Rickie’s earliest known ancestor in the paper trail is “Old George” Fletcher, born 1796 (in KY?); m1. 1815 Levisa “Dicy” Johnson; m2. 1819 Louisa Marshall; mother’s name was possibly Mary; d. 1860 Magoffin Co. KY; the Johnson and Marshall families were from Montgomery Co. VA. Kit 8585 and Rickie match 12/12; Kit 8585 matches Karl and Mark 24/25; Lorn match Karl and Mark 25/25; Kit 8585 matches Lorn and Mark match 35/37; Lorn and Mark match 37/37.  Dale Layton Fletcher is a new kit going back to Vardaman, and is a 36/37 match to Robert Frank Fletcher.   Dale Layton and Kit 8585, have both tested with the Big Y test for additional deep clade information.  So far the Big Y shows very close deep clade comparisons, in a yet smaller slice of their previous segment within the R Haplogroup.  They have about 20+ other Big Y matches at their new terminal SNP.

•  Kit No.   B6987    Dale Layton Fletcher (w/FF)(w/BigY)   Victorious-one@cox.net    Dau. Laurie laurie.hansen@mutualofomaha.com

•  Kit No.   224726   Robert Frank Fletcher  (w/FF)                Rfletcher@bartabus.com

•  Kit No.   42074     Karl J. Fletcher / Moody                         boboshadow@bellsouth.net

•  Kit No.   68222     Mark Fletcher                                          hoosierfletch@hotmail.com

•  Kit No.   119814   Lorn Gerald Fletcher                               mfletcher1@centurytel.net or mofletcher@earthlink.net

•  Kit No.   28639     Rickie Wayne Fletcher                            rdksfletch@aol.com

•  Kit No.   199996   Ryan J. Fletcher                                       mofletcher@earthlink.net

•  Kit No.   4466       Henry Clay Sizemore                              mofletcher@earthlink.net    wisizemore@sbcglobal.net 

•  Kit No.   225669   Perry Keith Fletcher                               fletch349@foothills.net,    mofletcher@earthlink.net 

•  Kit No.   8585       (w/FF)(w/BigY)  Cancelled Fletcher Project Participation June 2016 - No longer sharing results.

Vardaman Group: Additional kits, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results) with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:

•  Kit No.   B6991    Laurie A. Hansen  (w/FF)        Victorious-one@cox.net   or laurie.hansen@mutualofomaha.com  Laurie is a dau. of Dale Layton

William Fletcher of Accomac Co.,VA; James Fletcher of Brunswick Co.,VA; William Fletcher (R Hap.) of Essex Co.,VA

    The participants in this genetic line descend from a variety of ancestors yet to be definitively connected to each other.  There are a couple of potential forbears in the neighborhood:  James Fletcher, who came to VA on the Primrose (1635); and Hannibal Fletcher, who flourished in an area of James City County, which eventually became Surry County (1635-1665).  The earliest known Fletcher ancestors, to the DNA participants, are as follows:
1)  William Fletcher, born ca. 1650, lived in Accomack County, VA.  He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Selvey, ca. 1675.  His will was proved in Accomack 5 Dec 1710, naming the following children:  William, Matthew, Thomas, Batterton, Brandon, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary, Rosannah, and Frances.  Rufus Burton Fletcher descends from this William, through his son William.
2)  James Fletcher, born ca. 1680-90, lived in Prince George County, VA, and died in 1733 in Brunswick County, VA.  He married first Sarah, daughter of Richard Atkins (d. 1717-18).  James’ children, named in his will, are: Richard, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, James, John, Nathan, and William.  The youngest, William, is currently assumed to be the son of second wife, Amy Harwood.  Donald Fox Fletcher descends from James through his sons, John and Nathan.
3)  Thomas Fletcher, born ca. 1762, lived in Halifax and Pittsylvania counties, VA, where he died in 1838.  He married Kesiah, daughter of Joseph Farris, in 1790, in Pittsylvania County.  They had the following known children:  Nancy, Tabitha, Meeky, Elizabeth, Chloe, James, John W., Susannah, and Rebecca.  James Ronald Fletcher descends from Thomas through his son, John W.
4a)  William Fletcher:  UPDATE May 2013:  See below:  William Fletcher (R Hap.) of Essex Co., VA  (As paper trail descendants would prefer to refer to him.)  This William should be the one who lived in South Farnham Parish of Essex County, Virginia,  and William’s will is dated 5 Feb 1727/28, naming minor children Nathan, William, James and Phebe.  The son, William Jr., also resided in Essex and his will is dated 8 Oct 1774 in Essex County and names sons John, William, Carter, Reuben, Nathan and daughters Caty Fletcher, Foebe Fletcher (apparent sister).  After the 1774 death, his sons Reuben, William III and daughter Sally and her husband Charles Breedlove moved to Caswell County, North Carolina (this is abbreviated from the family submission).  William III is the son and grandson of William I and II of Essex County, Virginia; his descendant, Mickey Webb Fletcher’s DNA match with James Monroe Fletcher, descendant of Reuben Fletcher (William III’s brother) and both men’s close match with men in the Accomack/Brunswick group further proves that the Essex County Fletchers are closely related if the paper trail is correct.
4b)  William Fletcher, (likely grandson of 4a) born 17 May 1751 in VA, married Rebecca, daughter of George M. Moore, ca. 1776, in Granville County, NC.  Prior to 1790, they migrated to Rutherford County, NC, where William acquired substantial land holdings, in an area to become first Buncombe, then later Henderson County.  In 1812, William and family migrated to Madison County, MS Territory, where he died in 1815.  William and Rebecca had the following children:  William, Mary, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Martha, George Moore, Lemuel, James Benjamin, and Lorenzo F.  Mickey Webb Fletcher descends from this William through his son John of Henderson Co. NC, who married three times and raised 18 children.  (Note that this John’s lineage has up until recently been mistakenly tied to the William of Essex genetic line.  Since one of his descendants (Mickey) is Haplogroup R1b1a2, John’s lineage cannot be tied to the William of Essex line, which is Haplogroup I.)
    Donald Fox, James Ronald, and Mickey Webb all match 67/67, and their common ancestor should be within 6 to 8 generations from each of them.  Rufus Burton matches them 65/67, and a common ancestor for all four is much farther away.  Researchers for Donald, James, and Mickey currently speculate that Thomas (b. 1762) and William (b. 1751) likely descend from sons of James (d. 1733), i.e. Richard (b. ca. 1712), James (b. ca. 1721), or William (b. ca. 1730).
    Among the other participants, James Monroe Fletcher, Jr. is a 66/67 match to Donald Fox, James Ronald, and Mickey Webb, while David Henry Fletcher is a 65/67 match. Ferrell Eugene is also a 66/67 match.  Their mismatches are similar to each other but do not correspond at all to Rufus Burton’s mismatches.  James Monroe’s earliest known ancestor is James Fletcher (b. 1785–NC), who married Susan and died in 1850, in Lumpkin Co. GA. 

•  Kit No.   145167   Elbert James Fletcher           edurand3@bellsouth.net
•  Kit No.   B2833    Vern W Clark                        Leanncarroll90@att.net
•  Kit No.   N11409  Allen Clay Fletcher               allen0325@aol.com
•  Kit No.   245931   Mr. George Wesley Alexander   (w/FF)    smokeyandbandit@cox.net
•  Kit No.   247323   Laurence Edward Fletcher    Larry@LFletcher.net
•  Kit No.   149698   Phillip Ross Fletcher             phil67230@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   147262   James M Fletcher                 (contact Carla Fletcher McDaniel: mcdanlc@bellsouth.net )
•  Kit No.   31707     James Ronald Fletcher          videoconference@prodigy.net
•  Kit No.   8505       Mickey Webb Fletcher          mickey.fletcher@att.net
•  Kit No.   79102     Donald Fox Fletcher              dnafox4001@gmail.com  See separate (w/FF) kit below.
•  Kit No.   109621   David Henry Fletcher           ukdawg@yahoo.co.uk
•  Kit No.   176309   Ferrell Eugene Fletcher         fltc23@yahoo.com   
•  Kit No.   107833   Danny Lionel Fletcher          centar36@hotmail.com 
•  Kit No.   335157   Robert Allen Fletcher            robertnancyfletcher@gmail.com 
•  Kit No.   49365     Rufus Burton Fletcher           burton@valdostamemorials.com
•  Kit No.   63512     Colin Gray Fletcher              cgfletch@ncsu.edu  or fletchermse@gmail.com

Wm of Accomac Collective Group: Additional kits, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results) with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   186322   Donald Fox Fletcher (w/FF)  dnafox4001@gmail.com  See Y-DNA kit 79102 above.  This kit Family Finder only.
•  Kit No.   B10263  Tim Stone   (w/FF)                 tstone16@gmail.com   No Y-DNA.  Kit for uncle, Loren William Fletcher, line 
                                  researched back to John Seyn Fletcher, William of Essex / (William of Accomac) R Hap. group.

William Fletcher (I Haplogroup) of Essex County, Virginia
This line is in the I Haplogroup, and some records interpretation may conflict with a William Fletcher (R Haplogroup) of Essex Co. VA.  See comments under William Fletcher of Accomac Co., VA (et al.) and below.
        Born before 1700; d. 1727/28 Southfarnham Parish, Essex Co. VA; m. Martha (Carter?); will lists children William Jr., Nathan, Phoebe, and James. The following subgroups may descend or be related to this William:
  1) James Fletcher of Rabun Co. GA, born 1818 NC; resided Rabun Co. 1850 and 1860; m. Jane “Jency” Morgan; children: Reuben, William A., Dicey, James Melvin, Nancy, Silas Coleman, Joseph Hillis, John, Liza, and Andrew Kimsley. Known ancestor of DNA participants Stephen Darrell Fletcher and William Charles Fletcher. There are circumstantial links to William of Essex. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Dec 02.
  2) William Fletcher of Southfarmham Parish m. by 1720 Mary Prichard. This William is too old to be William Jr., s/o William d. 1727/28 but a connection is likely. This William may be the William Fletcher whose will was proved in Southfarmham Parish in 1774 by John Fletcher and Charles Breedlove Jr. and whose children are believed to be John*, William (possibly the William Fletcher who was b. 1758 in Stafford Co. VA and d. 1837 in Limestone Co. AL
- No, per current thought, this is a Moses of Fauquier, William), Catherine, Sarah (m. Charles Breedlove), Carter, Seborn (or Reuben), Nathan, and Pheby.
        *William’s son John is not the John Fletcher of Henderson Co. NC as has long been thought. DNA results show that John of Henderson’s descendants are genetically related to the William of Accomac group.
A close reading of the above and the Red Text insert in the William of Accomac group above will show that one lineage is being used for two different lines.  The writer does not  have access to the original research, but it is conceivable that there were more than one line of William Fletchers, of different haplogroups, but only clear records for one person.  This will require more examination by the participants.
        Of the Fletcher DNA participants listed below, Stephen, William and Robert match 37/37; Johnny and Homer match them 36/37; Bart matches them 34/37; Edward matches them 24/25; Bart and Homer match 63/67.  Note that these Fletcher men are in Haplogroup I, rather than the normal Fletcher haplogroup of R1b1a2 (M269).  Flint Parker Fisher recently joined the Fletcher Project, and his Y-37 matches are at a GD=1 to Robert Eugene, Stephen Darryl, & William Charles, and a GD=2 to Homer Lee and Johnny, and at GD=4 to Paul Robert and Bart Allen Fletcher.  Flint Parker Fisher goes back to Henry Fisher (1792-1854), who’s then unmarried mother was Susanna Fisher (1773-1834).   Thus there is a strong likelihood of an unknown Fletcher father.

•  Kit No.   294449   Ralph A. Fletcher                      karenmetz@comcast.net  or bubbub316@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.     94479   Johnny Fletcher                         (contact:  Debby Smith debbysmith@triad.rr.com)
•  Kit No.   116984   Homer Lee Fletcher  (w/FF)     (contact debbielyn@shaughey.com)
•  Kit No.     27997   William Charles Fletcher          (contact:  bentonfletcher@windstream.net & Greg Fletcher: GfletcherNC@earthlink.net)
•  Kit No.     22675   Stephen Darryl Fletcher            steve1@fletchware.com  (alt. bentonfletcher@windstream.net & GfletcherNC@earthlink.net)
•  Kit No.   116333   Robert Eugene Fletcher             pegbob@tampabay.rr.com  or bentonfletcher@altel.net
•  Kit No.   197791   Paul Robert Fletcher                  kpfletch@msn.com 
•  Kit No.   244763   Flint Parker Fisher  (w/FF)        Contact is Shirley Gilmore  sgilmore52@att.net  
•  Kit No.     19290   Edward Michael Fletcher          dwardso@verizon.net   Alt.:  fletcher@skicamelback.com
•  Kit No.     68510   Bart Allen Fletcher                    BAFletcher@aol.com

William Fletcher of Kanawha And Monroe Counties, Virginia
        William Fletcher, born in England, is said to have been pressed into British service and served nine years before deserting during American Revolution. Five children of first wife; m2. Margaret Spickard with whom he had seven more children. Son James b. 1797 Kanawha Co. VA; m. Elizabeth Tackett. Son Robert b. 1806 Monroe Co. VA; m1. Elizabeth’s sister Keziah Tackett; m2. Elizabeth Messick; m3. Ann Traber. The Tackett and Fletcher families migrated to Henry Co. IN. See Fletcher Family Research Bulletin, Mar 1992; Mar 1994. Note that this is one of only three genetic lines in  Haplogroup I. William is in Patrick’s direct line of descent. Although Patrick and Donald match 12/12, their common ancestor is at least one generation, and perhaps more, back from William.  This is an I Haplogroup.  As members are added to this group, they will likely have different emigrant ancestors.  A recent addition, Thomas, has a long line in Ireland, and is likely a branch that never emigrated to the U.S.
•  Kit No.   106064   Donald Charles Fletcher  (Rife)           (contact Teri Barnes: scatbarnes@yahoo.com or dalerife63@yahoo.com)
•  Kit No.     26022   Patrick Meredith Fletcher                     patrickmfletcher@msn.com
•  Kit No.   248925   Thomas Fletcher          Thomas Fletcher & son Alan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland   alanfletcher@live.ie
•  Kit No.   186301   Richard Paul Fletcher    (w/FF)             Dgflech@windstream.net    & Karen,    kfletcher@thectgrouplic.com

William Fletcher of Russell County, Virginia
        Born c1744; d. 1798 Russell Co. VA; m. Mary Conway. Larry and William Burke are match 12/12.   
•  Kit No.   28906      William Burke Fletcher, Jr.            clyde783@charter.net    fletcher@frrmedia.com
•  Kit No.   N112154  William D Fletcher                        blf1223@msn.com,   bevjennings@fuse.net
•  Kit No.   8735         Larry O. Fletcher                           larryofletcher@aol.com or Lflet14@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   232516     John C Fletcher Sr.                         JOHNFLETCHER@BELLSOUTH.NET

   Additional kits William of Russell Co. Group, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results) with a known or suspected maternal link to the Y-DNA kits and with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   211463    Mrs. Betty J. Dodrill   (w/FF)  LJKlassen@aol.com    Probable line: Wm of Russell Co VA

Z-1a Grouping - E Haplogroup Fletchers, but non matching Members
•  Kit No.  A2370   Micheal Eber Fletcher         cerlidaf@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   42418   John David Fletcher            (Aubra Layne Fletcher bc 1913 Wichita co Tx).  Hap. E1b1a.     jdfletcher65@aol.com
                                                                                Also contact MaryPointer1@tds.com
•  Kit No.   122833    Bobby Wayne Fletcher    bwfletcher@yahoo.com   Hap. E1b1b1

•Z-1b Grouping - Other I Haplogroup Fletchers, Close & near match:
   See also William Fletcher of Russell Co. VA for a somewhat close match.  The other main Fletcher Sub Groups which is I Haplogroup is:  Reuben Fletcher of  Iredell Co NC, and related lines. (Reassigned from previous listing with William Fletcher of Essex Co. VA).
•  Kit No.   82410       Bobby (Avon L.) Fletcher   Descendant of Rev. Thomas Fletcher of Snow Hill, Maryland, who was b. 1690 in Chibour, England.  Emigrated to America as a rector of Snow Hill. His son Levin migrated to Granville Co. NC. Many descendants moved on to Gibson Co. TN.   Contact Peggy Reen:  parkave1@gte.net  
•  Kit No.   145339     Mr. Lancelot Lansing Fletcher,   Res. of New York City  jkatfle@yahoo.com , fletcherlance@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   N91400    Mr. Jonathan Murray Fletcher  (Jacob Fletcher c1800)  jonofletch@gmail.com  or jonathan.fletcher@ge.com
•  Kit No.   N95071    Richard Michael Fletcher Sr.   rm1947@aol.com
•  Kit No.   17608       Eldon Lawrence Fletcher    A GF/GS pair, descending from William Fletcher of New Brunswick, Canada, born 1802.  Contact   lfletch@cogeco.ca
•  Kit No.   34512      Evan Lawrence Fletcher   A GF/GS pair, descending from William Fletcher of New Brunswick, Canada, born 1802.   Contact   lfletch@cogeco.ca
•  Kit No.   49367      Russell Fletcher     Descendant of William Fletcher of Cambridgeshire, England (s/o William and Elizabeth Fletcher), who was  b. c1781 in Wisbech; d. 1838 Luzerne (now Wyoming) Co. PA; m. c1805 Hannah Tuck. Several children migrated to Kane Co. IL.  Contact: Bonnie Eggert: Blgert@aol.com
•  Kit No.   B8605     Lon Fletcher (w/FF)   No Fletcher matches.  rflet58013@aol.com  Lineage traced back to Francis Fletcher b. 6 Jan 1761 in Yorkshire, Eng.
•  Kit No.   155670    Bruce Wallace Fletcher    No matches.  bwf57@hotmail.com  or jfmenard@up.net

Z-1c Group - G Haplogroup - Other Fletchers, but non matching G Haplogroup members:
•  Kit No.   68199      Donald Ray Fletcher  Descendant of John William Fletcher (b. 1898 San Francisco; d. 1987 MI), son of George John Fletcher  and Margret Lilly Kimball. fgrampadon@comcast.net
•  Kit No.  311504     John T Fletcher            Brownjulian@comcast.net
•  Kit No.   97400      Brian Lloyd Fletcher  (w/FF)   No matches.   blfletch2001@hotmail.com

Z-1d Group - Q Haplogroup - Other Fletchers, Y-12 match only, no defined common ancester:
•  Kit No.     16107      Robert Lee Fletcher Sr.     bloftin@easywayinc.net   Sponsored by nephew Bud Loftin of Delhi, LA
•  Kit No.   157951     Mark Andre Fletcher     eurofletcher@rogers.com . (George Fletcher, e. Nova Scotia from Ireland, b 1801), who landed in St. John, New Brunswick, in 1834, m. 1839 Martha Smith and migrated to Nova Scotia. 

Z-2 Grouping: Unique Fletcher Genetic Lines (with no DNA matches to date)
•  Kit No.   65589      Steve L. Fletcher          slfletch@adelphia.net   Descendant of John Goldsmith Fletcher Jr. Matches 11/12 with Barzie Ray but
                                   probably not related.  
•  Kit No.   76978      Jimmie Barber Fletcher  (John Patterson Fletcher)   Descendant of Patterson Fletcher, b. KY, s/o James and Sarah Fletcher of
                                  Co. KY.   jbfletch@gate.net
•  Kit No.   235230    Stephen Richard Fletcher III     stephen.fletcher@comcast.net
•  Kit No.   44903      Matthew David Fletcher  (Robert A. Fletcher, b. 1934, PA)   Grandson of Robert A. Fletcher, who grew up in an orphanage in
                                  Maine,  supposed son of Donald A. Fletcher of PA.  mdfletch@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   163286    Mr. Andrew Fletcher   Contact: Andrew Fletcher  malex_52@dslextreme.com
•  Kit No.   102949    John Stuart Fletcher   Resident of Garway Hill, Hereford, England. abovo@tiscali.co.uk or abovo@btinternet.com
•  Kit No.   178243    Robert Patrik Fletcher     fletch@chingoma.com  
•  Kit No.   31942      Ralph Fletcher Long thought to be descendant of Robert Fletcher of Concord, DNA results have shown that incorrect. No email
•  Kit No.   97258      Francis William Fletcher  (Durand Murray Fletcher (1867-1921))  The family claims emigration to the United States from 
                                   Scotland in the 1700s.   Contact Regina Sadono [daughter] rfsadono@gmail.com or gaeljames@attglobal.net
•  Kit No.   N13810   John Hoyt McLeester   (Alexander McCleester, b. 1818 Co. Roscommon, Ire)  pumpkin44@centurytel.net
•  Kit No.   256238    Brian Fletcher        fletcher@tstt.net.tt   Previously placed in John Fletcher of Chester Pa group based on 11/12 results, 
                                   with additional testing there was no longer a match.
•  Kit No.   121127    Joseph Durwood Fletcher  (Thomas J. Snow)   sistar@hawaii.edu
•  Kit No.   8073        Gordon Stanford Fletcher  Proven not to be descendant of Robert Fletcher of Concord,   Deceased.    Last mail address: 
•  Kit No.   30544      Thomas Gerard Fletcher  (Benjamin F Fletcher,b.c.1835, in VA or Montegomery Co. IN).   tomfl2003@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.   104176    Alex Fletcher  (Donald Arch. Fletcher, c. 1904, Lochdonhead, Mull)  Descendant of the Fletchers of the Isle of Mull,
                                   Argyllshire,  England. See Isle of Mull genealogy at www.mullgenealogy.co.uk  
•  Kit No.   N62296   Hugh Herrick Fletcher  (Joseph Fletcher, England born 1830)  Hugh and Tyler Herrick match 66/67. No other matches. 
                                  Relationship and lineage is unknown.  hfletcher@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.   10307      Gary M Fletcher  Descendant of William Fletcher of Green Co. TN (perhaps b. England), who m. 1818 Elizabeth Shelly; also 
                                  resided in Hawkins and Hamblem Co. TN.  gfletch@yahoo.com  or gfletcher49@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   149343    Tyler Herrick Fletcher  See Hugh above,   hfletcher@yahoo.com
•  Kit No.   100484    David Benjamin Fletcher  (w/FF)  (James Fletcher b. c. 1813, New Dover Road, Kent, who was transported to Tasmania in  
                                   1833).   See FFRB Dec 2007, p. 39-40. fletcher208@bigpond.com) or waggafletcher@gmail.com
•  Kit No.   45476      Harold Lewis Fletcher, Descendant of Stephen Fletcher (b. c1795 VT, NY or MA), who resided in WI,  Contact Dorothy
                                  Gregg:  cowdys973@gmail.com

Z-3 Grouping: Guest Participants
•  Kit No.   147721    Thomas M. Witesman (Charles Earl Witesman)   (w/FF)
•  Kit No.    A1889    Emery Charles Graham  (Henry Fletcher / Jacksonville,Telfair Co., GA/1790)
•  Kit No.   347413   Robert Hamilton (w/FF)     Scotttish@yahoo.com  Maternal line Fletcher Grandfather in Robert Fletcher of Concord Line of Son Francis.
•  Kit No.   288819    BJ Melvill     bjmelvill@hotmail.com  &  pjjohns70@gmail.com  Y-111 & (w/FF)  A maternal Fletcher connection suspected.
•  Kit No.   295943    Donald Louis Boney    boneylan@earthlink.net   Y-111 & (w/FF)   Several maternal line connections with Wm of Accomac descent lines. 
•  Kit No.   121389    Cameron Thomas Kalei Sistar
•  Kit No.     75035    Charles Mark Alexander
•  Kit No.   B6572    Robert Patrick Bowman Jr.  Y-67, Onek9training@yahoo.com  Y-DNA line back to Henry Bowman, b. 1829, PA: d. 1884, Warren Co., PA 
•  Kit No.   B2394     William Edward Goff   (w/FF) (w/Big Y) buzzard@fairpoint.net   A Y-12, GD=0 match to the Moses Fletcher Group, at Y37
                          a GD=7 and at Y67 a GD=10 match.  Big Y Test match to Richard J Fletcher and C. David White for very close deep clade match. 
•  Kit No.   159391    Cary W. Ditty  (Guest entry)
•  Kit No.   281498    Mr. Richards (w/FF)     lrcrowder@aol.com  1st cou. of Lynn Crowder  Line: Aaron of Fauquier.   Y-DNA listed in Z-3 Grouping - Guest
•  Kit No.   229892    Ray Walker Price (w/FF)   Sponsor: Tere‘ Lawrence,  terelaw@comcast.net  Ray is adopted but has two close Fletcher FF matches.
•  Kit No.   188745    John Thomas Irwin Jr.  (William French 1739) E-mail temporarily deleted
•  Kit No.   194458    R. Mitchell Bush 
•  Kit No.   141710    Stephen  Foster  (Guest entry)   (w/FF)
•  Kit No.   134938    Travis Livingston Rogers Y-12 close match to Richard Fletcher of Hawkins Co TN group.
•  Kit No.   155204    Derek Samuel Ditty  (Guest entry)   (w/FF)
•  Kit No.   160776    Robert James Ditty  (Guest entry)   (w/FF)
•  Kit No.   157341    Patrick Scott Ditty  (James Ditty, 1793)  (Guest entry)   (w/FF)
•  Kit No.   261964    Ronald Westley Spring Sr.   Cousin guest of Mark William Fletcher
•  Kit No.   260655    Brad Jerome Spring     Cousin guest of Mark William Fletcher
•  Kit No.   122307*  Mr. J. (Guinn)  See Moses Fletcher group, (w/FF) Autosomal Kit section,  charlsaguinn@hotmail.com,  duff25@mac.com   Possible maternal line connection.  They removed their kit from group.  * No longer listed.

Fletcher Project Group Members without Y-DNA:  Additional kits, Autosomal or Family Finder Kits (not listed on Y-DNA results), or only GENO2 or mtDNA results; with a known, unknown or suspected maternal link to Fletcher ancestors or one of the Y-DNA kits and/or with Family Finder cousin matches:
•  Kit No.   97466       Geraldine Marie Raudzens Nee Wilson  (w/FF)   graudzen@bigpond.net.au
•  Kit No.   B7413      Charles Ray Herrell, Sr. (w/FF) contact Sharon Steele  shacha313@sbcglobal.net  G-GSon of John James Herrell and Lovey Fletcher, VA.
•  Kit No.   B9863      Frank Fletcher  (w/FF pending) iiiorg@twc.com  iiiorg96@gmail.com or Deborah iiiorg2@twc.com   Awaiting receipt of Autosomal file transfer.  No Y-DNA.  Ancestor Godfrey Fletcher b. 1732 England
•  Kit No.   B10263    Tim Stone (w/FF) tstone16@gmail.com   No Y-DNA.  Kit for uncle Loren William Fletcher, line likely back to John Seyn Fletcher, William of Essex / William of Accomac R Hap. group.
•  Kit No.   N15889    Cindy Janet Tippet (mtDNA HVR1 only) cindy@pnc-lectech.com  
•  Kit No.   N40906    Nan Harvey  (w/FF)  NanHarvey@gmail.com   Her line goes back to Margaret Fletcher (1683-1728) m. Thomas Harvey, she the dau. of  Ralph Fletcher (b. 1632) & Elizabeth Sutton (Perquimans Co NC), Ralph the son of  Curtis Fletcher (b. 1602 Dorchester Eng.)
•  Kit No.   128852     Brenda Joyce Acuff Fletcher (w/FF)  weewestie@gmail.com  Widow of Michael D Fletcher (John L Fletcher Line) and has a Fletcher FF cousin match.
•  Kit No.   175570     Iris Wylie  (w/FF)  iriwyl@gmail.com  or iriw28@hotmail.com  Lineage to Robert L Fletcher (1858-1923 in Ark.) and Catherine Rodgers, and their daughter Gonzula. 
•  Kit No.   214411      Kara Cifizzari (mtDNA only)  klcifizzari@gmail.com 
•  Kit No.   216943      Sean Fletcher (mtDNA only)  seantonderai@yahoo.co.uk  London UK
•  Kit No.   242793      Ann M Lamb (w/FF)  AnnL7777@aol.com  or jimhoneychuck@yahoo.co.uk
•  Kit No.   245077      Tracy Lynn Taylor  (w/FF)  teewren@sbcglobal.net   line back to Sarah Jane H Fletcher b. 1814 S.C. d. 1843 Ala., m. Levi W. Ramsey
•  Kit No.   N115606    Ryan Fletcher  (Geno 2.0 Transfer - mini BigY)  No Y-DNA for listing. R-L151 terminal SNP.
•  Kit No.   298235       Shirley Knotts (w/FF)  sharonellis@yahoo.com 
•  Kit No.   300990       David Robert Fletcher (w/FF)  No Y-DNA dfrobert@hotmail.com
•  Kit No.   311805       Betty Larison (w/FF)  sharonellis@yahoo.com 
•  Kit No.   B6991        Laurie A Hanssen (w/FF) Victorious-one@cox.net  Dau. of Dale Layton Fletcher in Vardaman line.   Also shown in that group for w/FF connections.