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Sherri Mabry Sherri Mabry
August 26, 2017 @ 10:36am
My mum was adopted, we are trying to locate family members with the surname Mabry. We believe her father was Alton Mabry. Hoping anyone can share any details.
karen Steinhaus
January 17 @ 5:45pm
Are you on Ancestry? What's the name of your tree? Karen
Gary Laubscher Gary Laubscher
November 4, 2017 @ 12:19pm
Hello, My name is Gary Laubscher but I Just found out my biological last name is Cloud and ironically I move to Fairfield County 1 1/2 years ago. My 6 great grandfather William Cloud lived here until he passed in 1811
karen Steinhaus
January 17 @ 5:32pm
Wow, I find that pretty cool. It seems you are meant to be there.
TERRY Hughey TERRY Hughey has a question!
January 15 @ 5:41pm
Seeking information on the Rabb family for one of my cousins. Does anyone have some research suggestions for this family?
Brian Brooks (nee Kelley)
January 16 @ 8:40am
William Roberts William Roberts
January 13 @ 7:25pm
I'm looking for information about the family of Rev. Nicholas Roberts, born ca. 1748, possibly in Virginia, and died in Fairfield District in November of 1843. He was the pastor of Beaver Creek Baptist Church for over 32 years. I am hoping to find someone or something that will help me trace my paternal line even farther back. Our Roberts line is Y-DNA haplogroup I-M223, possibly Welsh. Any other relatives of Nicholas here?
Deborah Reynolds Deborah Reynolds
August 25 @ 9:14pm
REYNOLDS, MONTGOMERY, SCOTT, NASON, RICE, ASBURY FORD, MCGILL, HAMILTON A SHORT HISTORY AND THUS MY DILEMNA: I am looking for parents and siblings of William Reynolds, b circa 1785, Fairfield District. My Reynolds family line appears to be at a dead end in Fairfield District, South Carolina. I have a few ideas but have unable to find proof. I am hoping that with this Fairfield DNA PROJECT, I may reach new ears. My brother and I have tested with Ancestry and I have added our results to both FamilyTreeDNA and GEDmatch. My brother's Kit No. is B345528. My Kit No. is B339318. I am looking for connections and would be most appreciative of any leads or thoughts. Thank you. William Reynolds of Fairfield South Carolina, died 1817, and was the 1st husband of Elizabeth Jean (Betsy) Montgomery, Their issue: McComb (or Malcolm) Henry Reynolds (1812-1899), William (c1814-?), and my GGG Grandfather Hugh Montgomery Reynolds (1818-1893). Some of the Montgomery's are buried near Winnsboro, South Carolina at the Brick Church also known as Little River Church and today known as Ebeneezer Presbyterian - Fairfield County. My ancestors traveled on to Lawrenceville, Gwinnette Co, GA, Troupe County, GA, then to Starkville, Oktibbeha Co MS, then on to Camden, Ouachita Co, AR...some back to MS, others to Texas. Watercolor above was done by a cousin - from a photograph of my G G Grandfather William Henry Reynolds (1842 - 1917), grandson of the above William Reynolds who died circa 1817.
William Burdette
December 31 @ 11:54am
See the comment I posted under Connie H Money. I have wondered (only wondered) at times if my family was connected to the Reynolds family. I don't have any info on them. It seems that name pops up from time to time associated with the John Smith family. I live in Ga. Some of my ancestors also moved to Ms, then Tx, and then Ar and then Ok and back to Ms. Some went to Al first. I'll check on Ancestry to see if there is a match. It would show up better there because of the type of test we did there.
William Burdette
December 31 @ 12:33pm
I did check only the number of pages of DNA matches to Reynolds on ancestry and there are pages and pages. I did see one Debra Reynolds but as you see the spelling is different. If we are a match on there, it will be a EH, WB, AH or MJE(could be ME) administered by Kathryn Burdette. As far as I know there are no Reynolds on our tree but we have so many names on our tree it is difficult to keep them in my mind. There are Montgomeries on there but most have ? marks by them. Not sure of any of that.
Connie Hawthorne Money
January 8 @ 8:45pm
My Hawthorn(e)’s followed the same migration trail as Your Reynolds
Samuel McGill
January 12 @ 5:03am
What "McGill's" do you have in your line? I have a William McGill who moved from Fairfield Co to Randolph County Alabama
Bobby Truman Hughes Bobby Truman Hughes
December 31 @ 2:58pm
I am trying to find some information on George D (Dolphus?) Hughes, b. 1780's in SC. He was known to be in the Fairfield Dist of SC in his early years. His occupation was listed as "Small Business and Farming. His wife was Mary Johnson, b 21 Feb 1789 in SC. They had four or five children before migrating westward, settling in Indian Territory in Georgia. A stop was made along the way as a baby boy was born in Jasper County, GA. They later moved on west to Union County, ARK, and was there in July 1849, when their daughter, Martha, married a John Stephens Graham. Their children were: Laban, Elizabeth, Mary, James W., Lucretia, Lidia, William Johnson, Martha, John Tillman (my g-grandfather), Freeman, Henry Jordan and Sarah. I have had my Y-DNA done, and hope that since I am a direct male descendant of George, I can find who his parents were.
Bobby Truman Hughes
December 31 @ 3:01pm
The above should show I had the Y-500 DNA run- BobbyHughes
Larry McLaughlin
January 5 @ 10:12am
Do you know the parentage of George D. Hughes? Have you looked at the site ken-Sheldon.com which has land grants, plat series, will series etc? My husband's ancestry at Fairfield County, SC comes from many various trees (Gibson-Napier-Jones-McGraw with ties to most of them very early in his genealogy-most early settlers to the area. Rev. Jacob Gibson's wife was Judith Napier, a d/o Robert Napier and wife, Mary Hughes Napier of Va. Could this be why your George is in SC? I know that her line does come from Early Va. and descendants of many prominent Virginians...and when Jacob Gibson was baptized in the Baptist faith by Rev.'s Marshall and Mulkey, it is stated he was born a Churchman (so Episcopal/Anglican/Church of England.. Have never found a marriage of them, etc. but there is surely a lot on the internet regarding her family and the Hughes family...although Judith was born by about 1730 or so...and died about 1782/3 as he remarried in 1783 or so.
Bobby Truman Hughes
January 5 @ 11:33am
Thanks for the reply. I have never been able to find any information on the Parents of George or his wife Mary. I will look at the sites you gave.
Connie Hawthorne Money Connie Hawthorne Money
October 11 @ 11:01am
Hi. My Hathorn/Hawthorn/Hawthorne line came from Ulster, Ireland in 1775 and settled in Fairfield, SC. They were Scots Presbyterians and came with or married with, Bairds, Cameron’s, Montgomery’s, McKee’s, McClurkin’s, McKay’s eventually a small group broke off and settled in Illinois and the majority moved south, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Arkansas.
Karen Esberger
December 15 @ 12:18am
Are you kin to the Hawthorns in Abbeville Co?
Connie Hawthorne Money
December 15 @ 2:09pm
I do have Hathorn , Hawthorn, Hawthorne in Abbeville South Carolina
William Burdette
December 31 @ 11:44am
From what I have found on my research, there were two families of Montgomery in early Fairfield County, SC. There is one who is associated with the Land family and the Morris family and the other Montgomeries. Both have a Hugh Montgomery. I am trying to make a connection between the first Montgomery family and the Smith family. This is what I know. I don't have dates off the top of my head. Hugh Montgomery was known as the old Scots School Master. He was accused of providing info to the British which resulted in the death of several of the Land men during the Revolution around Rocky Creek. Several of very well respected men from the area who fought in the Revolution, one being John Steele, murdered Hugh Montgomery for retribution. Hugh's son, Greenberry (who I think was connected by marriage to the Land family) set out to sue these men for his father's death but withdrew the suit upon advice that he would not win. The men were just too influential. This is recorded in the Lyman Draper papers. Those are located at the SC History and Archives. Greenberry Montgomery had at least two brothers, David and William. One of them has a will online at SCHAD. It names several other members of the family. Greenberry also petitioned the court to administer the estate of George Morris, who is my ggg grandfather. In the Montgomery will mentioned above, my ggggaunt's son's name is listed. His name was Benjamin Morris, son of Elizabeth Morris Kilgore. My other ggggaunt was married to one of the Lands who was arrested at Rocky Creek and subsequently died as a prisoner of war. These Montgomeries lived next to the Morrises. My ggguncle is named Moses Montgomery Smith after this family. I don't know if it is because they were great friends or if they were kin. My first guess is kin.
William Burdette
December 31 @ 11:45am
Sorry, it posted before I was quite finished. The other Montgomery family has a Hugh that supposedly fought in the Revolution, but I have not researched him as he is not an interest to me.
Mary Louise Ritter Mary Louise Ritter has a question!
November 18, 2017 @ 10:14am
How can I communicate with those persons who share my mtDNA? I need to obtain e-mail addresses for those relatives, please. I tried clicking everywhere, but cannot find any information. Thanks.
Nancy Hoy
November 20, 2017 @ 5:37pm
In your match list there should be a little blue envelope that you click to email your match.
Dwayne Hicks
December 30 @ 11:56pm
Nancy Hoy you match my mother on his X chromosome on Gedmatch: A498086.
Curry Walker Curry Walker
November 30 @ 6:54am
I would like to collaborate with James Stevenson of this group.
Dwayne Hicks
December 30 @ 11:36pm
My 3rd Great Grandfather James "Jim" Stevenson was born around 1838 in Fairfield or Columbia area but sometime after the Civil War he and his family relocated to Ocala (Marion CO), Florida. My GedMatch kit # is A645456.
Carole Troll Carole Troll
April 3 @ 7:33pm
Hi all. I am looking for ancestors/DNA cousins with the surnames of Coleman, Feaster, Osborn, Stoner, Faucette during the time period of 1830s to 1900 in Fairfield, County. My paternal grandfather is somehow related to these surnames although he was born in Columbia, Richland, South Carolina. Looking for 3rd and 4th (and beyond) great great grandparent info. There are some rich nuggets and stories to be explored! Please share if you have info! Thanks!
Howard Gates (Jennifer Leaver)
September 24 @ 1:56pm
I descend as well from the Coleman line that lived in Feasterville, Fairfield County. David Roe Coleman and Edith Beam. This my great Uncle's account and it is his mother who was a Coleman. ;-) Jennifer
James Shannon
November 25 @ 12:30pm
I descend from Coleman, Mobley, Fox, Mathis in Fairfield County. I don't have Stoner or Faucette from that area in my tree, but I do show Henry J. Coleman Sr. s/o Robert Coleman Jr./Elizabeth Roe married Mary Feaster d/o John Feaster Sr. and Drusilla Mobley. Also Ann Osborne married William M. Mobley who died 20 Dec 1766 in Fairfield Co. William was the son of Edward Moberly and Susannah Deruel (possibly born PA) who came from Maryland to Lunenburg/Bedford, VA to SC.
James Shannon
November 25 @ 1:17pm
I'm looking for the wife of Joab Mobley b. about 1790-1795 Fairfield, SC who was the s/o William Mobley and Nancy Coleman. If anyone descended from William and Nancy has information about Joab and his wife, please share. What I know is that he moved to Greene County, Alabama where his daughter Pinkey married Sep. 1840 to Henry Baines formerly of Nash, NC. In 1842 his mother Nancy Coleman Mobley died in Greene County, AL. There was a Joab Mobley that went to Henry Co. Georgia, but it's not clear if he was the same person. If so, he moved to Alabama immediately after the 1840 census. No other children can be proven for him. His wife is unknown. She died before 1840. He died in 1853. His personal estate was sold to his brothers Larkin and William C. Mobley.
Larry McLaughlin
December 18 @ 11:50pm
Once there was a Hill, Moberly family history online...as a search. There were Mobley's in the Moberly's by my memory.