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Stephan Wallace Stephan Wallace
April 22 @ 3:18pm
Hello, I recently joined this group after discovering that I have a number of ancestors who lived in Fairfield District, South Carolina in the late 1700's and early 1800's. The families concerned are Cooke/Cook, Brown, Pope, Dawkins, Rabb, Woodward, and Collins. I have a fairly extensive ancestral line for the Cooks going back to Bristol, England in the early 1600s (which is included on my family tree) and would be happy to share more information on these ancestors with the group if anyone is interested. Oddly enough, I have more information on the early ancestors and less on the later ones who lived in Fairfield District. I have results for the Y-111 and Family Finder tests and am awaiting results from the Big Y test. Looking forward to sharing with you all.
Julia Hesler
May 14 @ 2:46pm
Hi, Stephan! I'm descended from Nancy's brother, Rev. William Woodward, through his daughter Charlotte. Thomas "The Regulator" Woodward is my 6th great grandfather, so you and I would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7th cousins, give or take a generation. :-)
Patti Mobley Patti Mobley
October 13, 2017 @ 2:55pm
Anyone researching Mobleys or Camerons in Blackstock, SC (Chester County)?
Keith Price
April 28 @ 9:09pm
Hi Patty. I just joined Family Tree DNA and learning. My grandfather is Benjamin Mobley born in Fairfield (1878). He married Ella Curbeam of Fairfield (1882). They moved to Chester and had 12 children including my grandmother. My grandfather's parents were William Mobley (~1830) and Harriet Stevenson (~1849). My grandmother's parents were Joe Curbeam (~1854) and Martha Gray (~1856).
Larry McLaughlin
May 5 @ 8:57pm
I think that maybe you need to check the site, www.ken-shelton.com about Mobley's Meeting House? or was it Moberly's. A Mobley (Isaiah) was mentioned as a son of a Charles Coleman in the earliest wills at familysearch.com Fairfield Co., SC wills, maybe around image #9. He had Coleman daughters, but says his son is Isaiah Mobley.
Larry McLaughlin Larry McLaughlin
May 5 @ 8:53pm
Would anybody have a clue why a Jacob Gibson of Fairfield Co., SC had land in Greene Co., Georgia-he sold it to a Carnes I believe. Jacob Gibson is my ancestor via my grandmother's mother Phoebe Mae Gibson, d/o Ralph Jones Gibson and his wife, Louisa Catherine Ramsey. Ralph Jones Gibson's mother was Catherine McGraw Gibson, d/o Nathan McGraw and wife, Phoebe Jones, who married Jacob Gibson III. Phoebe Jones was d/o Ralph Jones, d. 1817 in Fairfield Dist., SC. Jacob Gibson III was son of Jacob Gibson and wife, Mary Fort-who went to Amite, then Wilkinson Co., Ms. where Catherine md. Jacob III in 1818 Amite Co., Ms. Mary Fort d/o of Jesse Fort, d. 1815 Wilkinson Co., Ms.
Larry McLaughlin
May 5 @ 8:55pm
Jacob Gibson Jr. was son of Rev. Jacob Gibson of Va. and SC, married Judith Napier in Va. and came to SC with others including Solomon McGraw. Judith was d/o Robert Napier and wife, Mary Hughes Napier of Va.
TERRY Hughey TERRY Hughey has a question!
January 15 @ 5:41pm
Seeking information on the Rabb family for one of my cousins. Does anyone have some research suggestions for this family?
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Nancy DeLoach Lyles Brown
April 12 @ 11:56pm
Terry, check the Genealogy Room at the Fairfield Museum, they have family files on the Rabbs.
Stephan Wallace
April 20 @ 1:14pm
I am descended from Robert Rabb (1755-1816), who was one of four Rabbs listed as heads of families in the 1790 Federal Census for Fairfield District, South Carolina. The others--James, Joseph, and William Rabb--probably were his brothers or cousins. I've seen two different origins for this family. One suggests they came to America from northern Ireland; the other that they descend from one or more of the three Robbs (James, John, and Thomas) who were transported to South Carolina from Liverpool in 1716 as part of a group of Scottish Jacobite prisoners taken following the Battle of Preston (1715). Robert Rabb was married to Nancy Ann Woodward, whose father Thomas Woodward (1729-1779) was one of the leaders of the regulator movement. The residence of R. Rabb and Rabb's Store both appear on a map surveyed in 1820 by John Allen Tharp that was published in Robert Mill's Atlas in 1825. They lie just south of Mill Creek in the southwest part of Fairfield District.
TERRY Hughey
April 26 @ 7:34am
Thank yo so very much, your response as well as the others is most generous and very much appreciated. I hope to have a synopsis on one of the Rabb family members, John Watts Rabb, a Citadel cadet, who gave his life for the southern cause in the War of Northern Aggression, completed shortly.
Larry McLaughlin
May 5 @ 8:48pm
www.ken-shelton.com has a wonderful Fairfield Co., SC source-maps, Mobley's meeting house, etc. deed maps, wills to check, indexes. A better website I haven't encountered. He has done some deed mapping which shows where early settlers live, and land grants/royal grants. Go to site and have a good time researching.
William Russell William Russell
April 16 @ 7:27am
Question - Have any of the Bells of Fairfield County had YDNA tests and, if so, what are their haplogroups?
Lynn Hallman Lynn Hallman
April 15 @ 8:03pm
Trying to determine the name of my grandfather's father. John Henry Arnold was born April 12, 1873 in Winnsboro, and his father is unknown. He was the son of Nancy Scott Arnold. My GEDMatch # is A166667. Would sure appreciate any clues if we match.
Ida Allmen Ida Allmen
February 15 @ 11:37am
Looking for marriage information on Tyrus Bell Sr. (LV6M-5X7 familysearch index #) 1799-1855 and Delphia 1978-1850 (LVNB-BQF)? We are looking for Delphia's maiden name and birth info. Was she adopted? Was she born in Fairfield Co or another county? First child born 1826 prior dates. We are looking for birth records of two children Martha Jane Bell about 1829 and Tyrus Bell Jr. born about 1836 possibly in Louisiana where the family moved but not sure when. Asa Bell Sr. was father to Tyrus and a minister in the area but why can't I find his children marriage records and if children were baptized etc... in that church records or other church records? I used to have marriage records for Asa and Nancy Anne Arledge but now can't put my hands on that so if you know of record, please share.
Nancy DeLoach Lyles Brown
April 12 @ 11:55pm
I don't remember all the details but some of the Bells moved with a lot of people from Fairfield and Newberry Counties to Starksville, Ms, when the Indian lands opened up. You might find them there.
Kevin Hutto Kevin Hutto
April 11 @ 2:11pm
I see that Bishop is one of the surnames in this group. I am trying to identify if a branch of the George Berryman Bishop family was located near Orangeburg. Everyone I have found is in the Spartanburg area.
Curry Walker Curry Walker
November 30 @ 6:54am
I would like to collaborate with James Stevenson of this group.
Dwayne Hicks
December 30 @ 11:36pm
My 3rd Great Grandfather James "Jim" Stevenson was born around 1838 in Fairfield or Columbia area but sometime after the Civil War he and his family relocated to Ocala (Marion CO), Florida. My GedMatch kit # is A645456.
Curry Walker
March 27 @ 2:56pm
Dwayne A645456 give error in Gedmatch ERROR: Kit data for kit A645456 not found. Please check number
Robert Terry Robert Terry
March 24 @ 10:45am
Moses Hill m Savilla Roden of Fairfield Co SC are in my direct line. Have autosomal tests at AncestryDNA, FTDNA, 23AndMe, GEDmatch and MyHeritage.