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Brian Moore Brian Moore
August 24 @ 10:42pm
2x great grandfather is Sam Moore of Fairfield, Township 3. Born approximately 1886 and married Mattie Gaither. Interested in getting any additional information on the Moore line. Another 2x great grandfather is William Lightner, sometimes spelled Leitner. I see him in Fairfield Township 2 in 1920 married to Lizzie Griffin. I'm interested in learning more about the Lightner/Leitner line. My FTDNA kit number here is B256081 and T171845 on Gedmatch. I also have an AncestryDNA kit on Gedmatch. It is A190365.
Nelda Buchanan
November 30 @ 2:44am
Sanita, I am a match with you in gedmatch, my # is A678800.
Nelda Buchanan
November 30 @ 2:48am
Sanita, I know I had ancestors in Chester Co., SC (Fishing Creek area). Some surnames are Gresham/Grisham, Harden, Franklin and Walker.
Sanita Savage Cousar
December 14 @ 9:34am
Nelda, my ancestors in Chester County are primarily Chisholms--from HIghway 72 mainly.
Ella Savage
March 6 @ 12:19pm
I would like to explore our kinship more. Do you have any Chisholm or Feaster ancestors?
ansley Stansell ansley Stansell
March 1 @ 6:44pm
I am looking for my birth mother. She and or her family is from the Columbia, SC area. I was born in Charleston SC Feb 1970. Her family names include Sharpe and Newman. I have matched with some 3rd cousins but have not been able to get any closer.
Will Turner
March 2 @ 6:58am
Hey, my daughter's name is Ansley too and though she was not named for Ansley the surname it might be a clue for you. I know it's a long shot but sometimes things hide in plain sight like you might have been named Ansley after a surname. Good luck to you and don't give up and peg the needle looking like my Ansley does most times ; ) Oh and have you thought about doing the Mitochondrial Test that traces a person's mother's line back in time ?
Ida Allmen Ida Allmen
February 15 @ 11:37am
Looking for marriage information on Tyrus Bell Sr. (LV6M-5X7 familysearch index #) 1799-1855 and Delphia 1978-1850 (LVNB-BQF)? We are looking for Delphia's maiden name and birth info. Was she adopted? Was she born in Fairfield Co or another county? First child born 1826 prior dates. We are looking for birth records of two children Martha Jane Bell about 1829 and Tyrus Bell Jr. born about 1836 possibly in Louisiana where the family moved but not sure when. Asa Bell Sr. was father to Tyrus and a minister in the area but why can't I find his children marriage records and if children were baptized etc... in that church records or other church records? I used to have marriage records for Asa and Nancy Anne Arledge but now can't put my hands on that so if you know of record, please share.
Allen Pool Allen Pool
January 28 @ 3:59pm
Any information on Tapley Pool of Fairfield. . Born 1792, (probably Newberry county) d. 22 March 1875, Fairfield county, SC. . Associated names, Lyles, Weir
William Roberts William Roberts
January 13 @ 7:25pm
I'm looking for information about the family of Rev. Nicholas Roberts, born ca. 1748, possibly in Virginia, and died in Fairfield District in November of 1843. He was the pastor of Beaver Creek Baptist Church for over 32 years. I am hoping to find someone or something that will help me trace my paternal line even farther back. Our Roberts line is Y-DNA haplogroup I-M223, possibly Welsh. Any other relatives of Nicholas here?
Mardell Sibley
January 28 @ 1:37pm
I'm a decendent of Lucy Roberts ( Wiley Roberts,Issac Roberts, John Roberts) all NC residents. She married Reverand Cyrus Harrington.
Mardell Sibley Mardell Sibley
January 26 @ 6:45pm
Hello! I My Sibley ancestors lived here in the way bck in the day.
Gary Laubscher Gary Laubscher
November 4, 2017 @ 12:19pm
Hello, My name is Gary Laubscher but I Just found out my biological last name is Cloud and ironically I move to Fairfield County 1 1/2 years ago. My 6 great grandfather William Cloud lived here until he passed in 1811
karen Steinhaus
January 17 @ 5:32pm
Wow, I find that pretty cool. It seems you are meant to be there.
James W. Green III
January 24 @ 4:25pm
Gary Laubscher, why not join your kit to the "Fairfield Co, SC" DNA project?
Sherri Mabry Sherri Mabry
August 26, 2017 @ 10:36am
My mum was adopted, we are trying to locate family members with the surname Mabry. We believe her father was Alton Mabry. Hoping anyone can share any details.
karen Steinhaus
January 17 @ 5:45pm
Are you on Ancestry? What's the name of your tree? Karen
TERRY Hughey TERRY Hughey has a question!
January 15 @ 5:41pm
Seeking information on the Rabb family for one of my cousins. Does anyone have some research suggestions for this family?
Brian Brooks (nee Kelley)
January 16 @ 8:40am
Deborah Reynolds Deborah Reynolds
August 25 @ 9:14pm
REYNOLDS, MONTGOMERY, SCOTT, NASON, RICE, ASBURY FORD, MCGILL, HAMILTON A SHORT HISTORY AND THUS MY DILEMNA: I am looking for parents and siblings of William Reynolds, b circa 1785, Fairfield District. My Reynolds family line appears to be at a dead end in Fairfield District, South Carolina. I have a few ideas but have unable to find proof. I am hoping that with this Fairfield DNA PROJECT, I may reach new ears. My brother and I have tested with Ancestry and I have added our results to both FamilyTreeDNA and GEDmatch. My brother's Kit No. is B345528. My Kit No. is B339318. I am looking for connections and would be most appreciative of any leads or thoughts. Thank you. William Reynolds of Fairfield South Carolina, died 1817, and was the 1st husband of Elizabeth Jean (Betsy) Montgomery, Their issue: McComb (or Malcolm) Henry Reynolds (1812-1899), William (c1814-?), and my GGG Grandfather Hugh Montgomery Reynolds (1818-1893). Some of the Montgomery's are buried near Winnsboro, South Carolina at the Brick Church also known as Little River Church and today known as Ebeneezer Presbyterian - Fairfield County. My ancestors traveled on to Lawrenceville, Gwinnette Co, GA, Troupe County, GA, then to Starkville, Oktibbeha Co MS, then on to Camden, Ouachita Co, AR...some back to MS, others to Texas. Watercolor above was done by a cousin - from a photograph of my G G Grandfather William Henry Reynolds (1842 - 1917), grandson of the above William Reynolds who died circa 1817.
William Burdette
December 31 @ 11:54am
See the comment I posted under Connie H Money. I have wondered (only wondered) at times if my family was connected to the Reynolds family. I don't have any info on them. It seems that name pops up from time to time associated with the John Smith family. I live in Ga. Some of my ancestors also moved to Ms, then Tx, and then Ar and then Ok and back to Ms. Some went to Al first. I'll check on Ancestry to see if there is a match. It would show up better there because of the type of test we did there.
William Burdette
December 31 @ 12:33pm
I did check only the number of pages of DNA matches to Reynolds on ancestry and there are pages and pages. I did see one Debra Reynolds but as you see the spelling is different. If we are a match on there, it will be a EH, WB, AH or MJE(could be ME) administered by Kathryn Burdette. As far as I know there are no Reynolds on our tree but we have so many names on our tree it is difficult to keep them in my mind. There are Montgomeries on there but most have ? marks by them. Not sure of any of that.
Connie Hawthorne Money
January 8 @ 8:45pm
My Hawthorn(e)’s followed the same migration trail as Your Reynolds
Samuel McGill
January 12 @ 5:03am
What "McGill's" do you have in your line? I have a William McGill who moved from Fairfield Co to Randolph County Alabama