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Europe West Groups EIJ

EIJGT from Italy to Netherlands Portugal to Denmark
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About us

NEW Minority Groups in Western Europe Spain, Portugal, France,Germany, Belgium, Flanders, Netherlands, Rhineland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Brittany, Normandy. The Middle East groups E & J arrived in Western Europe probably by sea, possibly associated with Greek settlement in Sicily and Southern Italy. J & E in Sicily account for 47% of the population which drops to 44% in the south and 40% around Rome. Arguably the Romans were a mixture of R1b and J which accounts for 28% of Central Italy population. Moving over the Alps to Switzerland the EJ population drops to 11% Germany 10% Belgium 10% Netherlands 8%. This is not a mass people movement it looks like traders settling. France has 15% of EJ but this is largely caused by a large 28% in the Isle de France. This raises the question of EJ being attracted to the court of Charlemagne. If we are to trace these movements and find matches for our DNA we need people to join this project and encourage others to do so. A second Route from Sicily was to Spain 17% and Portugal 27% and on to the New World.