Ely / Eley / Ealy / Ela / Ihle / Yelle / etc.

Y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

ELY, ELEY, EALY, EAHLEY, EAHLY, EALEY, EALLE, EALLEY, EALLY, EHLA, EHLE, EHLEY, EHLI, EHLY, ELA, ELAY, ELE, ELEE, ELI, ELIE, ELLA, ELLAY, ELLE, ELLEY, ELLIE, ELLY, ELYE, EYLEY, HELE, HELY, IHLI, YELLE, and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the ELY Y-DNA Surname Project, which is based on STR and SNP testing of the male Y-chromosome. Only males have a Y-chromosome, so only males can participate. If you are female, you can have a male ELY relative join on behalf of your line. Members will need to share their direct male (patrilineal) line genealogy back to their earliest known ELY ancestor because Y-DNA test results, without lineages, are genealogically meaningless.

It will be a requirement for membership in the project that you set your Project Preferences to "Limited" (or "Advanced"). Note that "Limited" is the default setting recommended by FTDNA. This level was specifically designed to allow project admins the access we need to serve you and to manage the project, without giving us control or access to anything we don't need or that most people wouldn't want us to have, for example, changing your contact information or ordering tests. If your project preference is set to "Minimum," I cannot see your results, matches, family tree, or earliest ancestor, so I have no way to "group" you in the project or to interpret your results for you or to advise you about further testing. There's little point in joining any project if you leave your Project Preference set to Minimum.