E-Y6923 Jewish Haplogroup

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About us

This project is for men who have done Y-DNA testing and their terminal haplogroup designation by Family Tree DNA will be either E-Y6923, E-L791, or it will be predicted E-L117 or E-M34 with Y matches who are E-Y6923 and/or E-L791. The Y6923 SNP is found downstream of the E-L791 and it occurred around 1200 years ago. Because of this project's narrow focus, the only way to contribute to this project right now is to have DNA results that suggest that you have the Y6923 SNP marker on your Y-chromosome. Since Y6923 was discovered recently, it is a little more difficult for someone to determine whether or not they fall under this sub-group from the information provided by Family Tree DNA. While you do not need to have tested or confirmed this marker to join this project, the project administrators will be able to predict from your existing Y-DNA results whether or not you likely have this marker and will be able to confirm whether you belong in the group from your Y-DNA results once you join. If we determine that you aren't likely to be positive for the Y6923 we'll send you a note with an explanation as to why. If you are not sure if your kit belongs in the project, please consider the following before you join: • The only way to contribute to this project right now is to have DNA results that show specific DNA markers on the Y-chromosome, which is the male sex-determining chromosome and thus is a strand of DNA that is passed mostly unchanged from father to son. If your kit is for a female or you have not undergone any Y-chromosome testing (i.e. you have only tested Family Finder and/or mtDNA), then you currently do not belong in this project. • The specific Y-DNA markers that we are looking at are part of the larger Haplogroup E, which is indicated in your haplogroup designation by an "E-" followed by more specific letters and numbers. Not everyone who belongs to Haplogroup E necessarily belongs to our haplogroup, but if your Y-DNA designation starts with any letter other than "E" (e.g. "J", "R", "G", etc.), then you definitely do not belong in the project. • This group is of Jewish origin, so if you aren't of Jewish descent on your father's side or don't have any Jewish Y-DNA matches, then you likely do not belong in this project. If you're not sure, take a look at the "haplogroup origins" tab under Y-DNA. You will see the word "Ashkenazi" after many of your matches if you are of Jewish descent on your father's side.