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DYS19 of 9 or less
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About us

    This project was initiated on 10 September 2013. We welcomed our newest member in May 2022.
    Related and supplementary information is posted at<=9_Project/DYS19<=9.html
    The generations and mutations of our Swiss subgroup's paternal ancestry are posted at –
               <<=9_Project/Generations_and_Mutations_KN.html  > and needs updating for new members!
    Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Updated 26 May 2022 ...

    A decade+ ago, when I (the project administrator) first had YDNA STR tests, and very limited SNP tests, my haplogroup was identified as Eib1b1, later refined to E1b1b1a2, and then re-termed as E-V13. Other project members were variously noted as V36 and other equivalents. As more persons have had additional (BigY or SNP) testing, and the tree expanded, FTDNA has updated deep-clade characterizations and SNPs. Currently, some project members are still broadly shown as E-V13, M-35, and L-117.

    The Swiss subgroup, in all likelihood, shares the E-S7461/PF4666//BY5033 subclade, given that we are known to be paper-trail related. Are the other subgroups of our Project related to these Swiss, or did they only coincidentally arrive at DYS19=9? We may soon know more, as members undergo additional testing.

    “Making SNPs Make Sense”, found at, is a good place to learn a bit of the basics of SNPs.

... Alfred Cellier

As of 05/26/2022, we are welcoming aboard a new Project member, now we are 20 !