Surname origin ca 1260s
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What are the R1b and I1a2b1 Haplotypes?

Haplogroup probabilities for Andrew Durie are:
R1b-S29-Frisian2 =>68% R1b-Irish/Continental =>11% R1b =>9% R1b-S28 =>9% R1b-S26 =>2% R1b-Ub =>1%
S29 or U198--R1b1c9b--R1b1b2g1--R1b1b2a1a - R1bSTR3- is possibly pre-Anglo-Saxon (dubbed Frisian 2 by Ken Nordtvedt). It is unclear whether this is a marker of a Saxon invasion marker or an earlier Germanic migration.

Haplogroup probabilities for Bruce Durie are:
I1b2a1 (now I2a2a1a1a1, M284, L126/S165, L137/S166, L369) Isles/Sc =>100%
It is thought that the Scots clade (L126+/L137+/L369+) is approximately 2,800+ years old, pre-Roman and typical of "Pictish" Scotland.