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Thisproject is a worldwide endeavor open to anyone interested in discovering theirDunbar surname ancestry.

The name DUNBAR can be traced back to Gospatric I, 1040-1115, in Scotland withthe Royal roots of Dunbar going back even further.  Over the centuries,Gospatric's descendants have multiplied and ventured from Scotland to distantlands all over the world.     The Dunbar Surname DNAProject was created in an attempt to discover how the various Dunbar linesaround the world are related with the help of DNA.

Clan Dunbar will be seeking reference point DNA frompersons with known lineages that will be crucially beneficial to allparticipants.<br><br>

Please visit our main DNA Project website to learn more: www.dunbardna.org

Dunbar Clan main website: www.clandunbar.com

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All Variations: Dumbar, Dumbare, Dumbarr, Dumbarre, Dumbaugh, Dunba, DUNBAR,Dunbare, Dunbarington, Dunbarr, Dunbarre, Dunebar, Dunvar, Dynbaer, Tumbar,Tunbar