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About us

This worldwide project is primarily a Y-DNA project for males with the Dudley surname. The project also includes mtDNA for Dudley female lines, and autosomal (Family Finder) test for those with documented Dudley ancestors.. Only a male can take the Y-DNA test for his paternal line. Both males and females can test for your mother's maternal mtDNA and the autosomal Family Finder test. In order to join the Project we require the donor's (personally documented) Dudley lineage. Please also ensure your DNA sample is in the hands of FTDNA; and, that the full laboratory process is completed including for those persons uploading their autosomal DNA results from other companies to FTDNA. We encourage all Dudley researchers to join this most valuable and proven project. The success of the Project depends on the number of participants. Please note there is a separate Sutton project for those donors who can trace their lineage to the Suttons of Dudley Castle...