Druze Y-DNA Project

مشروع السلالات الجينية لعائلات بني معروف
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About us

The project is open to males with Druze patrilineal ancestry as well as other individuals with close Y-DNA genetic matches to our project members. Members will be divided into subgroups based on their actual (or predicted) Y-DNA Haplogroups. Members are encouraged to take at least the Y-DNA 37 STR markers test. Upgrading to higher resolution tests (Y67, Y111) is highly recommended as it can give a much better TMRCA* estimate. By joining the project, members give their unconditional consent to the project administrator(s) to join them to relevant FTDNA projects as well as to request further DNA tests for them (whenever deemed necessary to identify their particular lineage & terminal haplogroup). Your continued support is essential for the project to reach its objectives. For the project to maintain its momentum, we will need additional funding to enable us to test for people who can’t afford it or don’t have access to these tests. Interested people can assist the research by contributing to the general fund of the project. The money raised will be solely used to request DNA tests for new project members as well as upgrade certain needed tests for existing members. * Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (based on STRs genetic distances & using the latest STR mutation rates).