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Drummond surname project testing ySTR and ySNP data.
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Please join if you have Y-DNA111 or Big Y-700 results and match another Drummond. Most distant known ancestor proved with yDNA Sir Walter Drummond, Lord of Stobhall, c1380-c1445. His brother John relocated to the Island of Madeira, Portugal about 1418 and had children. Their aunt was Annabella Drummond Queen consort of Scotland married King Robert III from whom lineally are descended five most excellent kings of Scotland, their great aunt was Margaret Drummond Queen consort of Scotland married King David II and their mother was Elizabeth Sinclair of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland. Their uncle Henry Sinclair married Egidia Douglas the grand daughter of King Robert II. Manuel Alphonse Ferriera Drummond (and his brothers) of Madeira sent a letter dated 2 July 1519 to Lord David Drummond regarding 'João Escocio' John the Scot and his 200 living descendants during the reign of King James V of Scotland who were formally recognized as cousins. I have read John the Scot did not reveal his identity until he was near death and that he was hiding in Madeira. A rumor exists that he may have known about location of Templar treasures and feared for his life. Both Sir John and Sir Walter Drummond were grandsons of Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, Lord of Roslin, c1345-c1400. If you search the internet for Henry Sinclair you will find interesting stories about Templars, Rosslyn Chapel, The Curse of Oak Island and discovery of North America a century before Columbus.