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Large groups of people with these surnames live in England,Wales,Australia and the United States, Do they all descend from Lucas de Debenham who lived in Debenham, England in 1165, or from a dozen families that lived in Debenham when last names were decided by where you live, do the Sapiston/Redgrave, Norfolk and Bradfield lines have the same Y-DNA. This technique allows us to identify exactly which lines we are not related to as well as which ones we are. Only males with the Debenham or variants surname may become members by taking the Y-DNA test, members need to take at least the 37 marker Y-DNA test and share their known lineage in our news section to help with the grouping. Females may join our group and trace their lineage by having a male relative with the Debenham or variants surname take the test. Taking the Y-DNA test will preserve your family's Y-DNA sequence for future research should all of the males in your lineage disappear. The goal of this project is to determine the relationships between various Debenham lines around the world. By using a simple DNA test we hope to find out which Debenhams and variants have a common ancestor.