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About us

The Crockett DNA Project is for all who wish to work together to find their common heritage through DNA testing and sharing of information. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname spelling is missing, we'll be glad to add it. The purpose of this Crockett Y-DNA Surname Project is to help sort out all the discrete Crockett clans which have arisen independently since the adoption of surnames began about 800 years ago, and to assist genealogists to coordinate this newly available genetic research with the existing documentary evidence. As Y-DNA is only present in males, we can only accept a Crockett male with Y-DNA results. Ladies will have to have their Crockett brother, father, uncle or male Crockett cousin test to represent their Crockett family line. You may email Audrey Lee Crockett at or Barry McCain at for further information on the Crockett DNA project.