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About us

Welcome to the Coast Surname DNA Project. The Coast Surname DNA Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. The Coast Surname DNA Project is a Y-DNA project, and only Y-DNA test results will be included. Women can join and participate by locating and DNA testing a male Coast relative. All variant spellings are eligible. If you have any questions or information please email the Project Administrator at:- Group Administrator Email: CoastDNA{replace with the at symbol} DNA Science: Y-DNA testing is a relatively recent invention. By comparing the markers (segments of chromosomes) of two people it can be established whether they are related in recent history. For more info there are good explanations on John Blair's DNA 101 and Charles Kerchner's DNA Intro websites. By using this technology we will be able to establish family groups and uncover more than we could just by relying on the traditional paper trail. An example of the results of a project that has been running for some time now is the Harrison Surname DNA Project which shows how different test results group into families. Joining: Participation is open to ANY Coast ANYWHERE in the world, however females will need to find a male relative to take the test on their behalf, as Y-DNA is only passed down from male to male. To order your Y-DNA test kit please click on the following link:- JOIN The higher the number of markers tested the easier it is to calculate the time to the most recent common ancestor between two people. The 37 marker test is a good detail/price compromise. The 12 marker test is not recommended as it is not detailed enough to establish relationships. Testing within this project entitles you to a discount; if you were to take these tests outside of the project they would cost more. Family Tree DNA follows stringent policies for protecting privacy which can be viewed here. More info about FTDNA's testing can be found on this FAQs page. If you have any further questions, corrections or suggestions for improvements please contact the Group Administrator at CoastDNA{replace with the at symbol} Thanks :-)