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About us

Welcome to the CHESTER Y-DNA surname project.

Any and all males who carry the CHESTER surname are welcome to join the project. As this is a surname project, and only males have a Y-chromosome, only males can be tested for this purpose. If you are female, you can have a male relative submit a sample on behalf of your line, as long as he still carries the CHESTER surname.

If you have interest in the project, but don't wish to actively participate, donations are most welcome. If you wish to make a monetary donation, please go here, the directions are easy to follow but if you have any questions please contact the project administrators.

Like most surnames, it's possible there are several if not many origins for the surname CHESTER.

One of those possible origins is the town of Chester located in the northwest region of England in Great Britain. Per Wikipedia, Chester was founded by the Romans in 79 as 'Deva Victrix', and was given the name 'Chester' in the 11th century.

While it's extremely doubtful anyone can be traced to 11th century Chester, it may be possible to tell if two males who carry the CHESTER surname are related via their Y line.